Friday, 23 February 2018

Red - Childhood Nosebleeds & Things That Go Bump In The Night

Sometimes the things that your children inherit from you are very strange.  Quite often my colds will end with a nosebleed to end all nosebleeds.  Molly, it seems, also has this sinus clearing bodily response from time to time.  For Molly this ALWAYS happens while she's sleeping, with the first one happening a couple of years ago, discovered by me when I went to check on her before I went to bed at around midnight.

As a parent it's incredibly terrifying to find your child, sound asleep, covered in enough blood to look like she's been practicing that infamous scene from Carrie.  

Carrie Blood Scene
Image Courtesy of Giphy

Now that the minions are six, most of our middle of the night stirrings have to do with nightmares, which means that all of us have become heavier sleepers.

The other night I was awoken by Molly standing beside my bed absolutely covered in blood, completely calm, asking for my help.   Bleary eyed, I cleaned her up as best I could and we moved together into the guest room, where our darkest coloured sheets live, to tilt up her head stop the fountain of blood and try to get some sleep.

Her pink sheets, pillow cases, and Cinderella pajamas look like something out of The Walking Dead.  As I pondered how to get out these stains, and asked Chris for advice, he simply answered, "Shouldn't you be worried if I knew how to 'take care of' this kind of mess?" I know who I'm not going to if I ever need to dispose of a body.  The sheets and Cinderella are currently soaking in a bath of cold water and vinegar.  Happy Friday!

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