Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Once Upon A Deadpool

Like many parents of young kids, Molly and Jack love superheroes.  Most of their play revolves around dressing up as various characters, some of the Marvel and DC universe, and others of their own creation.  With the recent pop culture fascination of the anti-hero trending, so has the minions curiosity for not so squeaky clean super abled crusaders.

This summer Jack started talking about how he 'needed to see Deadpool'.  We told him no, it was too violent, too graphic, and too laden with F-bombs.  He began to wear away at us with typical kid tactics, mentioned kids at school who were able to watch it, asked for a costume for his birthday (which we got him), and started handled other (darker) super hero movies like Thor, Dr. Strange, and Avengers Infinity War with a maturity of kids closer to ten.

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For ages we told him he'd be allowed to watch Deadpool when he was ten.  Then, one morning, after I'd been out for the night, I noticed that Jack was quietly singing the Salt N' Peppa song Shoop to himself.  BUSTED.  Chris had let him watch some highlights of Deadpool, including a really violent scene from the beginning, because 'Jack was having trouble sleeping and he was up watching the film and didn't want to turn it off."

We told him that it was inappropriate for him to watch, and talk about with other kids his age, and true to his word he didn't talk about anything Deadpool plot related to other kids.  At Halloween he wanted to go out as Deadpool, but then asked me to make him another costume (a Doctor Octopus one) for school since he got that Deadpool was something inappropriate for him to wear to school.  Both kids seemed to 'get it'.

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When we heard that they were releasing an edited, slightly more kid-friendly version of Deadpool 2 for the holidays to bring it from it's R Rating down to a PG13 film, all to raise money for a children's charity we knew we had to take the kids AND THEY LOVED IT.....

Here's a cheat sheet on whether or not you should take your kids....


-You don't like innuendo
-You want a film with no swearing (they've removed pretty much all of the F bombs, but there is still a lot of colourful language in there)
- They scare easily (the jail scene is pretty scary, but no more scary than a later Harry Potter movie or Avengers Infinity War).
- If they're under six or seven (Molly and Jack were the youngest kids in the theatre by a few years, but handled it fine, a year or two ago this wouldn't have worked)
-You don't want your kids to see a movie where people die or shoot guns
-Your kids are likely to repeat said bad language from the movie
-You hate Fred Savage - He's a big part of the movie in the best possible way - Think Princess Bride

Otherwise's not as good as the original, but Molly and Jack adored it, and is chocked full of easter eggs for fans.  Don't forget to stay through the credits to see all of the extras and know that you're doing something good because profits go to charity.

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