Thursday, 27 February 2020

Sharing My Work Featured On Other Sites

I wear many different work hats when I'm not parenting the minions.  I work as a freelance writer, editor, ghost writer, and web writer.  Here is some of my non-parenting related writing for your reading pleasure. Please read and share any of the links that interest you, and as always, if you have any article ideas for me for the blog or anything else shoot me an email or a comment! Enjoy!

Music News

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Madonna's Career From 1983-2020, In Photos

16 Pics That Change The Way We See Billie Eilish

Kelly Clarkson Thinks "Vampires Are Sexy" And 15 Other Things She's Admitted

Behind Celebrity Friendships

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15 Sweet Things Fans Don't Know About Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler's Relationship

15 Sweet Facts About Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds' Friendship

Celebrity Parenting 

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Penn Badgley And 14 Other Celebs Expecting A Baby In 2020

Alec And Hilaria Baldwin: 15 Little Known Facts About The Couple

Famous Stars & Their Relationships

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15 Facts About Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth's Marriage, Now That They're Divorced

An Update On These 13 Recently Divorced Celebrity Couples

15 Little Known Facts About Whoopi Goldberg And Ted Danson's Relationship

20 Things Everyone Forgot About J.Lo And Marc Anthony

Emma Watson

15 Surprising Ways Emma Watson Maintains Her Reported $80 Million Net Worth

Lena Dunham

The Ups And Downs Of Lena Dunham's Career, In 20 Photos

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