Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Teddy Bear Picnic

Puppet shows and sinus headaches don't mix.  Ukulele songs being played by puppeteers and sinus headaches REALLY don't mix.  I always feel like I'm being personally wronged when my day is impacted by sinus pain, I was designated driver the night before, don't I deserve some sort of reward for my good, responsible behaviour?*  Apparently not.

Even though I begrudgingly drove west to Benares Historic House in Mississauga for their annual Teddy Bear Picnic with the minions, I'm really glad I went.  It's a small enough crowd and young enough demographic that it doesn't get too overwhelming with people and the minions had a blast as did the cousins, aunt and grandma.

Soon after we arrived at the puppet show I mentioned my headache to my 9 months pregnant (due this week) sister-in-law, who rushed off immediately to get me an orange snow cone to make me feel better.  Being waited on by a very pregnant lady who should be relaxing tends to make you feel kinda like a a wussy a-hole who should probably be lining up to get her own snow cone.  That aside, it was delicious, reduced my headache substantially and delighted Jack to no end.**  Miss Molly was quite content to sit watching the puppet show with the quiet intensity of a much older child while she feasted on cheesy penguin crackers with her cousins.

Next we went and watched the cousins tackle the bouncy castle, where a Lord of the Flies mentality took over almost every child who entered the air filled palace of doom the second their feet hit the inflatable ground.  I finally understand why that teenager at the water park has to dictate who can go down the slide and when, because otherwise the kids will jump on each other's heads and drown.  We stood beside the inflatable slide yelling, "Run, Run, get out of the way" fingers crossed that the cousins wouldn't suffer a concussion from a poorly executed guillotine leg drop wrestling move each and every time they ventured down the slide.

Finally, we stopped for lunch while the cousins debated getting their faces painted***, before it was time for the three of us to go.  The minions needed a nap and I needed to get home so I could lay in a dark room and moan about my aching head.  Sadly at home there are no pregnant women to wait on me, just Chris who told me to take some Advil and get over it.

*I didn't volunteer to be DD, Chris and I played a game of cards to determine who was going to get to drink at a friend's BBQ, I just lost.
**Sweet stain inducing nectar.  I think I actually got more snow cone on my clothes than Jack did.
***And tried to avoid a small flock of hornets following a spilled juice incident.

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