Wednesday, 28 November 2012


This week is the first time in over 15 months that we have been without the minions.  We are out of town at a destination wedding.  At first it was relaxing, we slept a lot* and we drank a lot.**  The freedom has been nice but strange and whenever we see other couples on the resort struggling with their toddler we smile and are happy for this gift of a week alone, but at the same time miss our little ones. 

I have become a little obsessive about getting updates from Nana and Grampa on how daycare is going and how the kids are doing. I was once told that the best part of being on vacation is relaxing, exploring and then looking forward to going home.  If you aren't looking forward to going home it's probably time to move.

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*The first afternoon we took a 5 hour nap - literally.
**The 5 hour nap may have had something to do with a rum based drink called the Wu Wu, which also makes Chris think he's a swimming pool ninja.


  1. Hello! I am coming out of hiding to comment on your blog. I am 25 years old and am 8 weeks pregnant with twins thanks to fertility treatments. Your blog is hilarious and very helpful! I love seeing your babies grow and get more excited for mine everyday. Glad to see you could get a nice week off after the hellacious month you've had!

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement & congrats on your twins...It's a lot of hard work, but always more fun than it is work, most of the time :>