Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Gambler

When Molly first saw us after our trip to Jamaica she was non-stop giggles for about 15 minutes straight.   Then, Chris flung her up in the air and tickled her after which she immediately threw-up all over me, cause nothing says welcome home like baby vomit on your pants. We assumed that this was due to excitement over seeing her parents after a week without them.  I personally throw up whenever I'm really upset, so I thought it was just a little bit of Molly being the Yin to my Yang.  Unfortunately I was wrong.

Yesterday morning when we were getting the minions ready for daycare I noticed that Molly had a rash on her leg.  I thought it was just dry skin or eczema since my mother had mentioned that they both had dry skin last week during the cold spell.  So we got the kids breakfast, dressed and to daycare while we prepared to enjoy our vacation day of laundry, bowling and brunch.

Within two hours we got a call from daycare.  Molly's rash had multiplied and spread all over her legs, feet and hands.  They suspected Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, so I frantically made a doctor's appointment and assured them, after various Internet research that it was unlikely as there was no fever, lethargic behaviour, vomiting*, or lack of appetite and it was probably just an allergic reaction.  When I hung up the phone Chris said, "If I were a gambling man, knowing our luck, I'd say that she has hand, foot and mouth disease."  I insisted that we didn't know for sure yet, "Don't we?  Don't we?"  he asked.  I said something vaguely about optimism.

After a long wait in the doctor's office, Molly grew restless, so we walked over to the pamphlet wall in the waiting room and I let her select a pamphlet to play with, much to Chris's chagrin.**

Fittingly enough Hand, Foot and Mouth disease is caused by babies putting things in their mouths...Maybe Molly is being ironic?

In fairly short order it was determined that she has hand, foot and mouth disease and will be out from daycare for the next 3-10 days depending on when the blisters pop.***  Like most things that infect the minions the only cure is time, baby Advil and money spent on daycare we don't use.  So today I will spend my last vacation day until Christmas taking care of my little girl while trying to cure painful little blisters with my mind.  We will also hope that Jackie stays well and cross our fingers and wait for the other blistered foot to drop, but then again I'm not a a gambling man.

*We honestly just thought she was excited to see us, yes we are that stupid.
**Seriously, this is what she chose out of a wall of health information.  This kid is comic gold, even when she is sick.


  1. I'm extremely glad I avoided the vomit shower, though I got every other germ transmission Molly could give me today! I hope she's better soon and that Jackie avoids it . . . ugh. Poor Zombie Jack, if he gets it, you know he's going to be clinging like crazy!

  2. Oh my gosh, you guys have the worst luck! I hope miss Molly gets better soon and that Jack magically avoids it...! Maybe they're catching every possible thing now so that next year they'll never get sick... ever... you never know!