Thursday, 13 December 2012

Unsilent Night

Yesterday we received the winter newsletter from Molly and Jack's daycare.  Rumour has it they've been "practising" their Christmas game by unwrapping toys covered in tissue paper.  When I told Chris about this he simply said, "Awww crap.  Now I have to wrap their gifts too."  My concern is what's going to happen to all of the gifts we've wrapped for other people now that they are skilled experts in ripping, tearing, shredding and stripping anything made of paper.* 

Last year they could barely sit upright in their Bumbos while the stared at the Christmas tree** and this year they will be crawling, sidling, forces of wreckage.  I'm wondering if this is the last year that we'll actually be able to Christmas shop for them, in front of them, or if we can continue to get them toys to "share" as presents for the majority of their gifts.*** 

Molly the red nosed reindeer.

So this begs the following holiday questions about the evolution of Christmas amongst children:

When are they old enough to understand the concept of Santa?  Write letters to Santa?  Not be scared of Santa?

When will they be old enough to watch Christmas Specials with us on TV?  I need company while Chris plays the Frosty the Snow Man drinking game.****

When can I take them out to pick out something amazingly hilarious to give to Chris for Christmas that he'll have to use because they are so excited about it? 

At what age do they get so excited about Christmas that they barely sleep, get over-tired and throw temper tantrums all Christmas day? I still do that sometimes...In my family we rotate who gets to ruin Christmas as an ongoing joke, unfortunately it's not my turn this year.

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*Previously they simply dabbled in this destructive art form.
**Jack stared at the Christmas tree, Molly screamed in a fit of colic - Unsilent Night.
***We have learned that it doesn't matter if you have two of everything, the minions will still fight for twin dominance, even if they have two toy phones, making them fight over one just frees up a hand each for slapping, eye gauging and hair pulling.
****You drink every time Frosty says "Happy Birthday", you see the rabbit, or whenever that mean magician says something three times.  I do not recommend or endorse this drinking game...


  1. All the answers to your questions is...
    Next Christmas! and no they can't share after the age of 2, it'll give you too much of a headache, you can't shop with them either, it's hell. they wont really get the whole Santa thing until probably 3ish, but I mean my Jack is 2 on Sat and he sees a Santa and says " Ho Ho " so he may on some level know already.

  2. Who gets to ruin Christmas this year?!?!

    1. Are you saying you want to be a contender?

  3. Wait, they're practicing unwrapping presents at daycare? I thought everything was politically correct nowadays, so does this mean they're practicing lighting Hanukkah candles too?

    1. There are also Hanukkah decorations in the room and they made Hanukkah art last week - hand print Menorah finger paintings.