Monday, 31 December 2012

Let it Snow

What is more frustrating, two 16 month old toddlers going stir crazy because they can't get out with all of the snow we've been getting or physically dealing with an insane amount of snow when you have no front lawn to pile it on?  There is no correct answer to this question other than that when combined- we are trapped in a house, surrounded by snow and over hyper children who act like caged dogs who just want to get out and run around outside while walls of snow quickly build.*

Miss Molly attempting a climb onto the table/ fall onto the floor.

A few days ago, Boxing Day to be precise, right before the "big snow fall of 2012" we arrived home from our annual post Christmas Marlies hockey game all set to put the rambunctious bundles of joy down for a long winter's nap.** Once the kids were secured in their cages cribs we collapsed onto the couch hoping to marathon out on some TV series we'd acquired over the holidays. Within five minutes of alone time our power went off.  About an hour later, still without power, I called my parents to see if they could find out what was going on.

Apparently some idiot decided to do some afternoon holiday drinking and driving, fortunately he only hit a hydro pole.***  Two hours into the black out I was convinced that the temperature in the house had plummeted drastically to 12 degrees and imagined us being snowed in with two little babies as the first flakes of snow began to fall.  I'm a big 'what if' kinda gal and our cupboards weren't stocked for the several days without power that I imagined.  Chris, however, was realistic and wasn't  going to be defeated by my repeated suggestion of packing up and going to my parents house for an overnight.  All of the family time surrounding Christmas had been nice, but he was looking forward to an evening in just the two of us, enjoying our glut of DVDs and some drinks.  With the power out, I had a compelling argument: the thought of toddlers and candles terrified us both.  Just think of all the, "Oh my God Jack, why are you on fire?" or "Molly, why are you trying to eat candle wax?" moments we'd have to endure.

Thankfully, the power came on after hour three and there was minimal time of trying to prevent our children from burning the house to the ground.  The temperature had actually only dropped by about one degree and I was mocked for my paranoia.  It also turns out that the snow storm didn't impact everyone's mobility.  Someone was able to get out in the cold, get drunk and throw up fluorescent orange into our freshly plowed snow bank before we even woke up the next day.  I wonder if he was on foot because he'd just lost his drivers license?

Jack playing with my house keys while Chris shovels even more snow.

*Except with significantly more barking and biting.
**The hockey game perfectly coincided with nap time, so the last half of the second period and entire third period were a little bit dicey - Miss Molly and I walked a lot of laps around the arena while she screamed and I tried to comfort her by singing Miss Molly Had a Steam Boat and Molly's Lips in a loop.  Jack just fell asleep quietly on his father's shoulder while Chris watched the game.
***  Apparently said driver tried to make a get away on foot - he was apprehended by police almost immediately.

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