Thursday, 3 January 2013

Cut Your Hair

This weekend we finally did it!  We took Jack for his very first haircut.  I've wanted to give him a trim for about a month now, but we didn't have time.  Twice while Christmas shopping he was mistaken for a girl and I knew it was time.*  We had a big debate between whether we were going to go the traditional barber route or try one of the places that specialize in children.  After researching prices we decided to go with Melonhead in Bloor West Village.  The cost was $21 (plus tax I think) and he received a certificate to commemorate the occasion along with a photo and saved clips of his locks for his baby book.**  The entire front of the store is set up like an accessory Toy Emporium so you can reward your little munchkin with hair clips, toy ducks, nice smelling shampoo or books about getting your hair cut.

These barbers/hairdressers are experts in cutting straight with a moving target.  And now for the big question, how did he do?

 This is the before picture of Jackie Bear's Shaggy Locks
 Here he is getting his hair cut inside a Thomas the Train Car...They also gave him a toy firetruck to play with to distract him.
The After!  I'm just a boy with a new haircut.  It's a pretty nice haircut!***

Jack was a trouper...He was good the entire time, he only cried once, but that was because he got over excited about the steering wheel on Thomas and smacked his head into it.  We remedied this by feeding him clementine segments.  It turns out that our hairdresser happened to be a mother to 22 year old boy/girl twins, she had mastered the gentle head lock to keep him calm and still while she cut.  They also used silent clippers at the back, so he wouldn't get scared.

Molly will get her first haircut next month.  This time she sat by quietly, intent on watching a four year old boy throw a 30 minute tantrum pre, during and after his haircut****.  This kid's mother literally had him in a bear hug to hold him still while the barber worked.  10 minutes after the haircut, even though he had a giant lolly pop in his hands he was still freaking out, screaming and carrying on.

We judged silently at the store and then vocally on our trip home.  We can judge because we don't have four year olds...yet.  Stay tuned for Molly's performance at her debut haircut next month....I'm guessing it will be operatic.

*Chris still insists that both mistakes were from stupid people who clearly didn't look at his uber masculine face, you know because 16 month old babies are known for their masculinity.
**Or maybe for me to put into my locket so I can stare at it fondly when he's all grown up as if I'm Golum and it's "my precious".  There may be enough hair to serve both purposes.
***These are actually lyrics to a song by the band Pavement
****She always watches other children throwing fits quite intently.  We're convinced she's doing research for future performances.

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