Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

I recently looked at our family calendar and was again reminded of how much of my friend circle has become the sisterhood of maternity pants*.  This weekend as I sat down for a lunch at a fairly traditional baby shower I began to think about different types of showers and how you can mix things up for the non-traditional mom & dad, mom, dad, mom & mom, dad & dad to be. 

What about showers for those who already have kids or already have what they need? These are sometimes called a Sprinkle and a nice way to celebrate with a "light shower".

Chris's Umbrella Project**

Below are some alternatives to the traditional shower that I liked best including events that can include both parents or used for gender specific guest lists.

High Tea
Going out for a nice tea with sandwiches and a little high culture and luxury with good conversation, family and friends before the world of family fun dining and cold food that you scarf down in two minutes flat begins.

This is an easy going Barbecue to celebrate some adult friendly fun with friends and family before the baby arrives.  Some people even suggested games including a pinata full of aspirin and condoms.

Sip & See
This is a cocktail party after baby arrives so everyone, mom included, can sip drinks and meet the baby. 

Stock the Freezer Party
Like a pot-luck, but without the sharing.  This is a great way to make the first few weeks of parenthood easier.   Guests can also give gift cards for local take-out and delivery restaurants for those who don't have a ton of freezer space.

Diaper & Booze Party
Guests bring diapers, wipes, cloth or disposable - depending on the parents, or some booze.  This way parents have drinks to offer guests when they come out to meet the baby and mom gets to enjoy some of her favourite spirits that she's been tea-totalling away from for nearly a year.

Shelter Shower
The focus on this shower is on giving back. All of the attendees are to bring items to take to a women's shelter.  People can bring used or new items.  Items can be brought for children of all ages and can include: clothes, toys, bottles, diapers, formula etc.

What are the best alternatives you've seen for showers?  How do you feel about the new trend of the dadchelor party?

Chris's Umbrella Project**

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*I'm going to copyright that.  Dibbs.
**About four years ago Chris and I were on vacation in New York and there was a huge downpour.  The next day we passed by over a dozen abandoned broken umbrellas and thought it was interesting, so Chris thought it would be a good idea to start taking photos of these umbrellas disposed of in utter frustration.  An art project was born.  Then some of our friends joined in and started sending us photos of ones they found.  Some of our favorites are framed in our front hallway.  These are two pictures from the collection.

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