Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Downtown Train

It happens at least once a week, usually more.  I'm on the subway, it's rush hour and it's crowded.  There are many people standing and seats are like a four leaf clover.*  Then there's that person.  The woman who thinks that her purse needs a seat beside her or that guy who thinks that his lunch is really tired and should take a load off, not on his lap but on the neighbouring seat.

I often lament that if I were dating someone and I were to find out that they were prone to this type of behaviour, that it would be a deal breaker and I would have to break up with them.  It's just the tip of the iceberg in a tendency towards self-centredness and selfish behaviour. 

My favourite incident happened when I was nearly eight months pregnant with the minions.  A woman had her backpack on the chair beside her while she ignored me, a pregnant woman who was standing, huffing and puffing through a hot June commute into work directly above her.**  Absurdly, she was reading a book on fertility.

As we work towards teaching the minions about manners and why it's not okay to hit mom when she takes the remote control away from you, (JACK) I am going to say right now that if I ever see either of my children engage in any of the above mentioned transit faux pas I am going to bring them a world of hurt beyond their wildest imaginations.

Baby Jack navigates the roads of his play mat.

Last week a friend sent me an article on the dangers of driving while pregnant.  Interesting article, although it pains me to see another choice a mother makes being brought to question.  It's hard enough being pregnant and having everything you do questioned, why not add in driving to make sure the infected mother is trapped at home while she waits for her parasite to descend upon the world?  This is why we have toddlers in helmets and rubber playground floors.  Accidents happen, make your own choices.  Thoughts on this article? 

That being said, we should all probably drive less - pregnant or not.  If you're pregnant and in a car and can, sit in the back seat sometimes, learn how to properly and safely secure your seat belt.  Enough said?

To everyone else.  You pay one fare on transit, so take up one seat.  Stop pretending to be asleep and offer up your seat to that expectant mom, guy with a cane or someone else, just because. 

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*I think I must still be in a Guiness induced St. Paddy's state of mind.
**My rage over seat suckers encompasses Big Bad Wolf magnitudes, I assure you.

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