Tuesday, 26 March 2013

High and Dry

Last month we discovered that Molly possessed some mad magic skills.  In fact she's a regular Harold Houdini or Hermione Granger.*  Molly has managed to contort herself out of her high chair on a regular basis, no matter how we secure her.  She'll then stand up and giggle.  When you ask her to sit down, she'll gleefully sing at you, "Sit down, sit down." 
The first time it was cute, now it's just annoying, as Chris and I await the next phase of operation highchair escape when she tries to jump down.

Miss Molly in her highchair, before her time at Hogwarts.
Chris and I debated between our choices, fashioning additional security measures - likely some sort of shoulder harness to keep her in the seated position or moving on.  Since it would only be a matter of time before she was able to delve deeper into the art of escapology and the minions eat at a miniature table and chair at daycare five days a week, we bit the bullet and purchased a table and chair set from IKEA. 

 Helping dad put together the table...

Awaiting their meal.

For the most part it has gone well....however....

  1. I now fully understand the expression herding cats.  Meal time is a constant struggle of trying to convince Molly and Jack WHY they should sit at their table.**
  2. Stolen food is better food, whether it's Jack stealing food off his sister's plate or either child toddling over to Chris and I to beg for food from our plates - even though we are eating the exact same meal as the children.  Dinner each night has become that scene from Lady in The Tramp when the dogs are eating scraps at the Italian restaurant.***
  3. Instead of mess being contained to the walls and floor right around the highchairs the children now have the option of take out - take out the food and smear it EVERYWHERE: into each other's hair, on the fridge, or my personal favourite walking over to mom and dad to offer them a half chewed carrot to show how good they are at sharing.

Jack eating the rest of his sister's bananas.

As soon as it gets warm enough outside I'm going to feed the minions on a tarp and then clean them off with the garden hose.  No allen key necessary.

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*The fact that the only famous female magician I can name is fictional gives me a great deal of proof towards women today and their stellar career choices that steer them away from idiots like David Blaine.
**The correct answer is chocolate pudding.
***Only less Disney more dog fight.

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  1. At 5 years old V still finds food is tastier off our plates.

    Time to get a dog, instant clean up! LOL