Friday, 9 August 2013

My Name is Zoom - Birthday Song

When I look at the calendar, the photo albums and the two toddlers in front of me, it is painfully clear that we don't have babies any more, we have full blown children on our hands.  On Saturday (tomorrow) Molly and Jack turn two years old.

Am I nostalgic and wistful for the early days of babyhood?  Sometimes, but rarely.  There's nothing like seeing a tired parent walking a colicky newborn to clear my uterus of baby fever.  We love that each and every day Molly and Jack have new skills, words and games.  This has been the craziest two years of my life*.

I am so proud of both of the minions and the family that we are.

The minions on the eve of their first birthdays

A little bit about Miss Molly at age 2:
  • Your favourite book is Five Little Monkeys...mainly because you like to point aggressively and wag your finger disapprovingly
  • Your favourite toy is your baby dolly who you couldn't stand when Nana and Grampa gave her to you at Christmas, but now you'll rarely go to bed without "Baby" or "Mean Baby"**
  • You are attached to flannel blankets and love to carry them with you wherever you go, or drape them around your neck like a pimp scarf
  • Shoes are your other key accessory and when guests come over you'll try on their shoes, if we're home alone you're content to wear mommy or daddy's shoes, at daycare you'll take off other children's shoes for them and when we ask you about it you'll explain, "they're babies" as the reason why you've stolen their shoes
  • You are a born leader, most of your sentences are commands: "Get out" (when Jack is in Mom's Lap) or "All done Jack" (when you've determined that Jack's turn is over and you're tired of sharing)

A little bit about Master Jack at age 2:
  • You like to carry around your dad's contact lense case wherever you go
  • You are obsessed with sharing and insistent that everyone in the house shares thing whether it be milk, cookies or toys...You'll say "Share" in a way that sounds like you're the leader of a toddler cult and will cry if others won't indulge your need to "shaaare"
  • Your laugh is contagious and you tease your sister endlessly
  • You don't speak English, you speak Foodlish or Delish since most of your words relate to food
  • Parkour may be in your future as you love to climb everything with the tenacity of a mountain goat revved up on sugar
  • Curiosity for how things work drives you, You love to explore door knobs, light switches, locks and anything with buttons
  • You've mastered the art of bartering and when your sister has something you want to play with you'll present her with one of her "go to" toys as an acceptable trade

Happy Birthday Molly and Jack!

And for you 1980's babies, do you remember that weird birthday theme song that was "in style" on your birthdays?  Here's a version for Molly and for Jack, just be thankful that I couldn't find one online for you.

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*Two years and nine months if you count the complete circus that was twin pregnancy.
**I don't know what makes baby mean, but it might explain why you throw her down on the floor in a body slam several times a day.

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  1. Happy birthday, guys! I've been honoured to be part of all your lives for two years. Definitely probably my favourite charges, if I get to have favourites. They are great and so are you and Chris!