Friday, 23 August 2013

She's Come Undone

I can't say that I wasn't warned.  Our friend V. mentioned that her daughter started getting choosy about her clothes when she was a year and a half, adding to the chaos of trying to get two adults and children out the door to daycare and work in the morning.   She told me that the best solution she's found was to offer her daughter two options and let her pick one.  My sister found that incorporating selecting tomorrow's clothes into a bed time routine helped solve wardrobe related tears MOST mornings.

Up until now, we've been lucky.  Molly seems to agree with what I pick out for her to wear for the most part, and as for Jack, well we're fairly certain that we could dress him in a hefty bag and he'd be content. 

This week we hit a bit of a roadblock with Miss Molly.  First of all, she's been suffering from the sass attacks.  The other night, after bath, when I asked her if I could put moisturizer on her she said matter-of-factly, "No, Dummy!"*

Grouchy face circa Fall 2012

The following morning I tried to dress her in a pair of leggings and sleeveless hoodie.  After I got her dressed she immediately undid the zipper and started freaking out yelling, "OPEN" at the top of her lungs.  So I zipped it back up and she freaked out even more.  I unzipped it, result: full blown tantrum.  Next I grabbed a tank top to wear under the offensive hoodie, so she wasn't flashing all of the other kids at daycare like it was spring break and she was some whiskey-mean valley girl.  She got even more angry.**  Eventually I gave up and put her in just the tank top.  This is the second zipper related freak out in a week.  I'm hoping she gets over this before it gets cold outside and we're forced to use a combination of buttons, Velcro and duct tape to get her into her coat.

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*This is entirely our own parental foul.  One of our nicknames for each other is Dummy because we're romantic like that.  Apparently little ears picked up on that nickname and decided to run with it.
**Here are the levels of Molly's anger as they escalate: 1) whining (most annoying) 2) whining with crocodile tears 3) crying 4) crying as she hits at the air and melts onto the floor 5) sobbing uncontrollably on the floor as she spins around like a top

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  1. Ugh, I do not miss those days. My final solution to the exercise in futility that was dressing my kids in the morning was to have them sleep in their school clothes. It was the only way I could get to work on time. In the last year or so, my girls have started wearing pajamas again, but on occasion, they'll choose to sleep in school clothes to avoid having to think in the morning.