Friday, 30 August 2013

Volcano Girl

I'm going to begin this post with a disclaimer.  I love my daughter Molly very, very much and I understand (hope) that this is only a phase, however I know that she is my daughter so it probably isn't a phase so much as a flare up of bad behaviour.*  This post is the mother's equivalent of  teen Sarabeth saying, "I'll tell you the truth if you promise you won't get mad, kay?" 

Three times this week, three completely separate daycare employees have approached me with one message, "Your daughter has quite the temper".  This isn't news to me.  I know she's a force to be reckoned with. I know that a lot of days she acts a lot more like Courtney Love than Cindy Lou Who, who she just looks like.

Cindy Lou Who (aka Cindy Lou Boo-Hoo)

I've always known that Miss Molly is a Queen Bee** and the terrible twos paired with her dad being away for work this week have not been a winning combination.  Sometimes I fear that I'm raising Regina George

Here are some of the low lights:

Half way through story time the other night Molly closed Scaredy Squirrel at Night and said to me, "All Done".  When I tried to continue reading she followed up with, "Not Daddy", closed the book again and insisted that I put her to bed so she didn't have to endure any more reading from her mom.

She had four giant temper tantrums at the mall because I wouldn't let her drive her own stroller and ram it into racks and other mall patrons.  She was the worst behaved person at Dufferin Mall, who's reputation is so bad that their ad campaign is, Dufferin Mall, Really.

At bed time she insisted on having her baby doll by her side.  Once she was in her crib with "baby" she stood up, whipped baby on the floor and yelled, "No baby!" then smugly laid back down to suck her thumb alone, because it was her choice and she had "owned" me.

At daycare drop off she begged to carry her and Jack's rain coats in, then proceeded to throw them on the ground in the doorway, refused to pick them up and sat on the wet ground crying, "Mama" as if I was the cause of the unidentified injustice.

And I now that  Chris is home she's be as sweet as sugar and I look like a crazy liar.

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*The force runs strong in this family, so does the temper.
**You can interpret that whichever way you want.  I'm proud to be a Queen B.

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