Friday, 13 December 2013

Brass Monkey

I want to start off by saying that I don't have a sponsorship deal with IKEA, but I really like the store.*  From their "easy to put together items" to the endless sea of  couples fighting over which shelving unit to buy in the show room and market place, to the child's play area or the complimentary diapers available in their washrooms **: I think it's tops.

Last week I went to IKEA and I ended up finding some great deals on some holiday gifts that I thought I'd share, all for under $13.00 Enjoy!

Gifts for Toddlers

 I paid $4.99 for this cute owl puppet for Molly - apparently this weekend it's on sale for only $2.49!

We got these two for Jack.  Perfect for acting out some of our favourite bed time stories (perfect compliment alongside Robert Munches classic The Paper Bag Princess, "HEY DRAGON!"$3.99 each.

Gifts for Older Kids

Remember your first IKEA couch?  It was cheap, yet stylish and made you feel like a grown-up.***  They now sell IKEA Dollhouse furniture sets in classic signature styles $12.99!  We bought this for my 9 year old niece as a part of her gift.

Know a kid who wants to play with some dolls or action figurines on the go?  Enter the portable dollhouse book, $3.99, we bought this for my 5 year old niece!

Need something to go with that IKEA wooden train set?  How about this awesome bridge?  Just $9.99, I'm itching to go back to IKEA and grabbing this for Jack.

This year Santa is Swedish for Common Sense!

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*IKEA if you want to offer me money to review products or create a fictional children's series about Darwin the Monkey I swear I'll fill my house with Poang chairs.
**But no wipes, what gives?
***Chris and I had our first IKEA couch destroyed by a house guest who who passed out and "over-stayed their welcome all over the couch", wish I was joking.

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