Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Much like Fiddler on the Roof's patriarch Tevye I am a huge fan of tradition.  The holiday season is always a wonderful time to create, hopefully, many great memories with your family.

Below are some of our pre-holiday traditions that I thought I'd share.  Some are ones Chris or I grew up with and others are ones that we've started over the past few years while we established our own little family.

Christmas Music
You are only allowed to play holiday music in our house between December 1st -25th.  Much like the McRib the limited time offer makes the festive tunes feel all the more special. 

Holiday Card Face-off
Chris and I have a competition each year to see who gets referenced first in the most Christmas cards (i.e. is the card addressed to Sara & Chris or Chris & Sara?)  Whomever gets mentioned first the most is declared grande champion and receives bragging rights for the year, although now that I proclaim this publicly I suspect a lot cards will be addressed to the children first, but we'll find a way to adapt the rules. 

Christmas Tree
The tree goes up on the first weekend of December, this was always the case in both Chris and my childhood home, so we decided to keep this one going.

1 Meaningful ornament Per Year
We select and name one "meaningful" ornament a year to reflect on the year that has just gone by.  Sometimes it arrives as a gift, other times we make something or go out bargain shopping post-Christmas to pick out something we really like.  Examples of meaningful ornaments are: the house key ornament from the year we bought our house or the two frogs on an engagement ring from the year we got married.

What are your favourite traditions to help you get into the festive spirit? 

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  1. Decorating our own stockings and getting new pjs on Christmas Eve are traditions I hope to keep going with my family!

    1. You inspired me to write about us getting PJS on Christmas Eve too...thanks!