Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ice Ice Baby

As the Ice Storm of 2013 has descended upon Toronto, I feel lucky.  We didn't lose power, we stayed warm, we were able to connect with our loved ones and make sure that they were okay.  Our neighbours, friends and family helped each other and despite the cold, the spirit of Toronto seems more Christmasy than usual.

I thought I'd share, on Christmas Eve, some Christmas Day traditions past, present and future and wish everyone a warm, safe and happy holiday!

The Christmas Goose
My in-laws owned this giant metal goose that they would put out by their fire place as part of their Christmas display.  For some reason, unknown to all of us, the goose has a secret compartment that opens with a little metal trap door.   Perhaps so you can stuff it for Goose-tur-ducken?  For as long as I've been around my husband, Chris, made it his Christmas "duty" to hide the Christmas Goose or place it in unusual locations around his parents house, often giving the Goose a time-out against some random wall for "foul" play.*  A couple of years ago my mother-in-law gave us a beautifully wrapped gift which turned out to be the metal Christmas Goose.  We are still deliberating on what naughty behaviour the Christmas Goose will engage in this year, perhaps a visit to Mississauga or even embark on a chance to fly south for the rest of the winter.

What is he storing in there?
 That's a bad goose!

Coffee Cake for Breakfast
Growing up, my mom was a big fan of healthy breakfast, except for vacations and on Christmas when she'd let the rules slide a bit.  Each year, after stockings but before presents, we would indulge in a breakfast of coffee cake, orange juice, coffee and tea.  We will continue this tradition with Molly and Jack beginning this year.

A Family Activity on Christmas Day
This year we're going to watch a new kids movie DVD on Christmas afternoon.  In a couple of years we're hoping to go somewhere together for a family activity to one of the few places open on Christmas Day: bowling alleys and movie theatres.  I can't think of a better family activity to wear off some turkey malaise than a game or two of five pin or a Blockbuster movie and some popcorn.  For a number of years we would all head out Christmas Day to watch a movie from The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, a tradition enforced by my then 80 something year old grandmother.

Christmas Day is Games Day
My family is a big fan of games and we'll often play board games together on Christmas Day.  It's easy to make time for a fun classic, like Yatzee, or try out a new game someone got as a gift.  Yesterday I learned from a friend that her family sets up puzzles all around their house on Christmas Day and picks away at them while they eat, drink and be merry.

What are your some of your family's traditions on Christmas?

*Pun sort of intended.  Geese are in fact fowl, I looked it up.

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