Thursday, 24 April 2014

Read All About it - Book Review: Stuck By Oliver Jeffers

Every once in a while Chris or I try to get a new book into the mix of story time rotation, because if I have to read the book about Toopy Goes Bananas one more time I think I'm going to hurt someone.  I consider these purchases little splurges because they open up the kids to new words and stories and they're generally books that appeal to us as parents.

The latest book we've added into the regular rotation is Stuck by Oliver Jeffers.

book review Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

Why We Bought It
The Once there was a Boy boxed set is already a favourite of Molly and Jack so we knew that they liked the other offerings by Jeffers.  It also has repetitive themes and words which we find help the minions (Jack in particular) build his vocabulary.

Book Summary
A modern take on There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly.  The book features escalating ridiculousness that begins when a little boy loses his kite in a tree.

The verse provides an easy story to read out loud to children.  The hand written styled font can be hard to decipher when there are two little ones sitting on your lap blocking your view and could be challenging for a child who is learning how to read.  There are some UK specific words (like calling a truck a lorry) that I've changed on the fly to avoid confusion.

What Molly and Jack Think of the Book
The kids have never requested the book be read to them, but sit still and pay attention when it's read to them.

Ideal Age
I'd say this book is best suited for kids 2-5 years old.

What We Paid for the Book:
$9.49 on Amazon

Would Recommend for..
Mixing up story time for parents.  I would buy this book as a gift for another child down the road.

Overall Rating

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