Monday, 21 April 2014

Working for the Weekend

Whenever I'm trying to get something major done around the house and the minions are up, it's a struggle. Working full time, we want to spend as much quality time as possible with Molly and Jack, so I don't love the idea of scrubbing the floors or doing intensive chores and sacrificing our time with the kids.  We often find ourselves letting things slide around the house in favour of an extra story before bed, extra time at the playground or that we've melted into the couch in sheer exhaustion post bed time because we want to make sure that Molly and Jack get enough quality time with mom and dad.

10 ways to know you're a working parent, hooded raccoon towel
Racoon blanket, errr, towel.

You know you're a working parent when:
  1. You think ahead and purchase Easter chocolate for your children, but are so focused on family Easter brunch that the Easter Bunny forgets to show up and it's still sitting in the back of your closet.
  2. Clean clothes live in laundry baskets and story time chairs more often than they live in closets and drawers.
  3. You finally have time to sweep the floor of the nursery and you find enough hair clips, bands, elastics and barrettes to open up your own children's accessory store.
  4. You see a mom on the subway frantically filling out Valentines for her son's preschool class on the way into work on February14th and you want to give her a hug because you feel you've discovered some kind of kindred spirit.
  5. Your child comes home in clothing that is labelled, "DAYCARE PANTS" because you forgot to bring in a spare pair after the finger painting incident.
  6. It takes you two months to return "DAYCARE PANTS" clean because they make their way into your regular clothing rotation.
  7. You've used receiving blankets or housecoats as emergency back-up towels.  This happens at least once a month.
  8. Your children's feet literally pop out of the ends of their shoes before you rush out to the store to purchase new shoes.
  9. Your big "threat" to get your daughter to behave is that you're going to tell her favourite ECE worker that she wasn't listening.
  10. It's Sunday night and you can't wait for Monday morning because your children have tried every last nerve.  This is followed by the Wednesdays where you miss them like crazy and count down the minutes until Friday at 5pm. 
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