Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Eye of the Tiger

In case you're wondering why my brother and Molly are so excited in the photo below, it's because I've been nominated for VoiceBoks Blog Influencer of the Year Award!  Okay, maybe it's because splash pads are awesome, but you get the idea.

vine avenue toronto splashpad

Your votes helped me earn #4 in the Top 10 Comedy Blogs and #2 in the Parents of Multiples Blogs awards this year and this week I found out that  I've been nominated for The Blog Influencer of the Year! I am truly grateful!

Of course this means now I need your help, cause I am a pain in the butt like that! The rules are fairly strict: 1 vote per IP address per day and no shenanigans/giveaways or promotions to solicit votes.  You can vote daily for the next month.  I am competing against top ranked blogs from numerous 2014 categories.  I am very honoured that the judging panel at Voiceboks has selected me to compete.  

Your participation in the following three items will help me get closer to my goal of making the Top 10, or even better numero uno! 

1. Click Here Now and cast your vote for Multiple Momstrosity. There is a little thumbs up icon that pops up in the top left hand corner. Click on that to register a vote. Please vote daily and if you've got access to  another computer, cell phone or other IP address please vote again daily.

2. Send an email to friends, fellow parents, relatives, any people you think will enjoy reading about the minions and include this link: asking them to cast daily votes for Multiple Momstrosity.

3. Tweet, share and like my Facebook updates or create your own talking about how funny and crazy Molly and Jack are.  If I get enough re-tweets this could give me a bonus 500 votes, which can be a game changer.

I want to thank all of you for being so incredibly supportive, it means so much!

I also apologize in advance for the holiday tunes on the voting site.  I feel like I've been Rick Rolled right into Christmas and it's only early November.  

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