Friday, 28 November 2014

Rich Friday

It's black Friday today and on Monday it's officially December which puts people into a shopping frenzy.  Last week I read an article on how to decide on what/how much to spend on your kids over the holidays that mentioned getting them: something they want, something they need and something to read - and that's it.  I love this basic idea as a guideline to keep everyone happy (budgets included) and have tried to employ this into our shopping for the minions as well as ensuring that my gifts for the other little people in our lives (primarily the nieces and nephew) meet at least one of these categories, with the addition of one more category - a gift of nostalgia or sentiment.

All through December I would like to highlight specific areas from my gifting that reflect

1) Something they want
2) Something they need
3) Something to read
4) Keepsake gifts/memories and gifts that inspire the true holiday spirit.

Today's category features: something they want - care of Molly and Jack's wish list, that are fairly budget friendly.

Frozen Dolls....Molly wants Anna and Elsa dolls, Jack wants Olaf and Sven....Buying the four pack and dividing it up saved us money and by dividing them up before we wrap them it means that Christmas morning won't be spent tearing toys out of their packaging.

frozen dolls
We bought our four pack from Walmart.

Jack is in love with TTC buses and garbage trucks.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find TTC buses for sale anywhere (There is a huge market for this toy if anyone wants to design and sell it). Amazon supplied this Melissa and Doug Garbage truck for under $20 although I've noticed it's nearly doubled in price since we bought it a few weeks ago. 

toy garbage trucks
Melissa and Doug Garbage Truck

What are the must have on your kids list this holiday season?  Where do you set the limit?

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  1. I know the TTC has had cardboard, fold-them-yourself TTC buses and streetcars in the past, as giveaways at TTC events and stuff... perhaps they still have them kicking around, perhaps at the Davisville main office? Ooo. I just googled it and found this:

    1. I think I may be going to the dollar store for some arts and crafts! Thanks Ana!

  2. Oh, or this! I used to love folded carboard buses when I was a kid...