Monday, 3 November 2014

Lips Like Sugar

On Saturday morning the candy coated sugar hangover was in full effect.  I could feel the modified corn syrup sweating out of my pores as I completed my morning exercise.  I was also numb from the piece of dental work I pulled out the night before on a tootsie roll.  So not worth it.  We had a very rainy Halloween and because of it we had just under half the kids we normally get.  This meant a ton of candy left overs with the added bonus of trick or treat candy courtesy of the minions who visited over 20 houses this year.

Now that we've had a few days of candy gluttony under our belt (taken form as a muffin top) it's time to get that candy out of our house.  We had the minions select treats to share with everyone we visited over the rest of the weekend, but that barely made a dent.  Tonight I am going to package up some giant zip lock bags to bring into both Chris and my offices.  I fired up Google and found some creative ways to use up that Halloween Candy, get a head start on your holiday baking, gifting and maybe even start some new traditions.

toddler dragon halloween costume
Dragon Molly

9 Great Ways to Use Your Halloween Candy
(Beyond snacking on it in front of the new episodes of Grimm after your Children go to Bed)

1. If you can keep your hands out of the ice box...FREEZE it.  You can bring it back out later on to use for sundaes, decorate your gingerbread house or on or any of the recipes I mention below.

2. Turn it into trail mix and bring it on your next hike when you check out the fall colours.  Here are some recipes for Tasty Maple Trail Mix and Mountain Trail Mix.

3. Make Halloween Candy Bark: Melt it down and make it into a festive treat, like this version on Pinterest.

4. Make Halloween Candy Cookie Cake - This looks AMAZING.

5. Know anyone with a November Birthday?  Make them a Halloween Candy Cake.  Or buy them a pinata and fill it up.

6. Get Crafty...Taste of Home offers ideas on candy wreaths, ornaments, frames and napkin rings.

7. Make home made "flavoured booze".  Here's a tutorial on how to make Skittles Vodka.

8. Pull some out to put into your home made advent calendar for December, cause it's gotta taste better then that cardboardy tasting stuff in the store bought versions at the dollar store.

9. Get patriotic.  Some dentists will buy back Halloween candy and donate it to Canadian Forces who are overseas.

How do you use up your Halloween Candy?

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  1. You can also take the chocolate bars and melt them down to use in brownie recepies. I keep a ziploc bag in my fridge for this purpose.