Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Learn to Listen

Whether you're getting ready to hit the road for a summer vacation, looking for an audio solution to help entertain toddlers who are beginning to resist nap time or (as I talked about last week) seeking an alternative to traditional story time, audio stories are a great way to entertain little ones without resorting to TV.

The other weekend we were in the car with the kids running a series of errands.  Chris had the radio tuned to CBC radio 2 and they were running a version of Peter and The Wolf featuring narration from Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard).  The minions were immediately captivated by this symphonic story, which must run in the family since my dad is obsessed with it and it was a childhood staple in our house.  They both requested to hear it again just a few days later.

kids dr. suess picture horton thing one and two
Horton, Thing 1 & Thing 2 at Sarasota's Children's Garden Florida

Here are some interesting Books on CD that you might want to explore with your little ones.  I know we'll be grabbing a few of these before we begin our summer road trips up north.  I have provided links to Amazon, or you may want to see what your local library has in stock before you charge your credit cards.

Peter & The Wolf
This is the one that really captivated the minions featuring Patrick Stewart.  It has music and a great story although some kids might find it a little scary.

Charlotte's Web
We watched this movie with the kids for the very first time after it was recommended by another parent at daycare.  This story quickly became a favourite of Jack's, someone whose attention is a little harder to keep, so this will be on our shortlist of audio purchases.

The Gruffalo & Friends
Grandma and Grandpa bought Molly and Jack the book The Gruffalo's Child as a present last year and this quickly became one of their most requested stories.  It could be interesting to explore The Gruffalo's other adventures via CD.

Murmel Murmel Munsch
It's no surprise to many readers that the minions are both pretty crazy about Robert Munsch stories. This collection includes some of their favourites including: Murmel Murmel Murmel, Andrew's Loose Tooth, Pigs and Mud Puddle.

The Cat in the Hat and Other Stories
This gives you 11 Dr. Seuss stories with voicework including Billy Crystal, Kelsey Grammer, John Cleese, Dustin Hoffman, John Lithgow and more....

I'm thinking we might be setting up two library cards in the very near future....

What are your favourite audio stories, pre-schooler, big kid or adult?

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