Monday, 29 June 2015

Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing

We have discovered an important milestone in one of the minions lives, we determined that Molly has her first official crush.  I was expecting someone from school, maybe a teacher or someone who she actually knows, but the person she's crushing on is fictional and Molly now has something in common with her Aunt M. who had a childhood crush on a certain green Muppet.  Unfortunately Molly doesn't have a crush on anyone quite as lovable, charming or cuddly as Kermit the Frog. Molly fancies herself a bad boy.

Yesterday afternoon we were watching the classic Disney Silly Symphony cartoon short, The Three Little Pigs, which the kids love.  They squeal with delight and giggle the entire time they watch it.  Something different happened this time.  Molly kept incessantly talking about how much she wanted to see "The Handsome Big Bad Wolf".  The entire time we watched the program she'd coo over how cute and handsome he was.  Molly has a crush on The Big Bad Wolf.  That's right, my pre-school daughter has a crush on a cartoon villain, not Kermit, not Elmo but a sharp toothed pig eating, grandma kidnapping wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood...Halloween 2013!

Molly's love of the wolf, doesn't just extend to the wolf from The Three Little Pigs...It's for all "Handsome Big Bad Wolves" including the one featured in Little Red Riding Hood and the one in Peter and the Wolf. Later that evening she enquired whether or not it was a wolf who ate the Ginger Bread Man and was disappointed to find out that it was a fox who ate the obnoxious running pastry.

Molly later explained to me that her leading man was naughty, but she could help him change and that if she was his girlfriend that he wouldn't be bad any more, that he'd just be "The Handsome Big Bad Wolf" and she'd be "Brave Molly" and they would be happy.

"Handsome" big bad wolf

I wonder if it's his Top Hat that makes him so... handsome? Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.

How can someone who is not even four have developed a cartoon "bad boy" complex?  I foresee some heart break in Little Red Riding Hood's future.  That being said if anyone can defeat the (handsome) Big Bad Wolf my money is on Brave Molly.

What was your strangest childhood crush?

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