Friday, 3 July 2015

Inside Out - A Movie Review

For the second time in a row Chris and I went to a movie without the kids and we really enjoyed ourselves.  I must admit that we've never ventured out to the theatres with Jack, it's probably time soon, all the same for our date night this past week we went to see Inside Out followed by drinks and discussion at a nearby pub.

Movie Review Inside Out

Movie Poster Inside Out 2015
Inside Out Poster courtesy of Wikipedia.

What's in it for the Kids?
Animated movie that highlights the emotional struggles of eleven year old Riley as she tries to adjust to her new life when her family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco.  What Riley is dealing with is something that many kids will be able to relate to.  Little kids will love some of the emotion based characters that live inside Riley's head.

What's in it for the Adults?
The sheer concept of how the emotions work in the control centre (AKA Riley's brain) is amazing to watch, as is the ingenious yet balanced way that the writers/creators have paired research on brain development, core memories and emotional development with the appropriate leaps to create a great imagination based framework for the story.  As an adult raising children, I found parts of this movie incredibly sad.  That being said, one of the main lessons of this movie (SPOILER ALERT) is that it's normal to be sad sometimes.

Best Parts of the Movie
Amy Poehler embodies Joy as does her yang, Phyllis Smith as Sadness with a genuine voice that rings true when many other voice actors would just put on an "Eeyore" voice, Smith brings something much deeper to this performance.  Richard Kind was a surprise gem as Bing Bong, Riley's former imaginary friend.

Worst Parts of the Movie
I'd argue that the weak link in this movie may be Bill Hader as Fear, however I can't think of anyone better for the role.  I don't think that he was bad, he was just out shined by the performances of the rest of the cast.  Mindy Kaling was made to play Disgust in the exact same way that Lewis Black just "is" Anger.

Overall Rating
I would rate this movie 5/5. This movie is going to win several awards this year - I will be recommending this movie to a lot of people this summer. I would let Molly and Jack see this movie now, but would be prepared for a little bit of anxiety on their end around the nightmare section of the movie. People of all ages can enjoy this movie, just at different levels. This is something that will be going on the Christmas list (or my birthday list) for regular rotation in our family friendly movies.

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