Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Strawberry Fields

In our continued efforts to enjoy everything summer we went out strawberry picking with the minions and their cousins this past weekend.   While Molly and Jack had fun and enjoy eating the berries they probably won't be offered summer jobs at Lindley's Farm any time soon. Chris and I did the majority of the heavy lifting in terms of picking while Molly and Jack have enjoyed fresh berries and a recipe for real fruit based version of strawberry ice cream that a friend found me on Pinterest last week.

strawberry picking at Lindley's Farm
Molly chasing her cousin around the strawberry fields.

strawberry picking at Lindley's Farm
Jack and Dad starting to pick.

While strawberry picking is just about over in Ontario, there are still plenty of fresh strawberry options at farmers markets and grocery stores around the region.  If you are anxious to enjoy some summer picking the whole family can enjoy nectarines, peaches, raspberries and blueberries are all still in season.  I found the following listing at Toronto.com that offers suggestions of farmers markets and places to pick fruit for anyone who's interested here.  For a listing of what is fresh in fruits and vegetables in Ontario by month you can visit Harvest Ontario.

Back to the home made ice cream: I doubled the recipe that my friend gave me .  This recipe was fun to make with the kids and saved my bacon this past weekend while recovering from dental surgery and being forced into a  mandatory soft food diet.  To view the recipe  click here.  I won't lie...Molly and Jack added chocolate chips to their strawberry banana treats!

4 Banana pre-freezer
fresh strawberries
The Berries
home made healthy strawberry ice cream
The finished product.

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