Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Baseball Boogie

There's no doubt that Blue Jays fever has taken over the city of Toronto and Canada, especially now that the Jays have clinched the American League East.  While we have enjoyed taking the minions to a few games this season, I highly doubt (barring a lottery win or a windfall of free tickets) that Molly and Jack are going to make it to a post season game.  That doesn't mean that they can't enjoy some Jays excitement.  Jack has recently discovered that by saying, "Dad can I watch baseball with you?" and tilting his head, bedtime can be delayed for at least twenty minutes and sometimes more, depending on the game.

As we all ramp up our "Let's Go Blue Jays!" chants, it's a great opportunity to enjoy some books about baseball with your little ones, as you probably aren't going to let them see every inning, right Chris?

Three Baseball Books to Enjoy with your Kids (between innings):

Hit the Ball Duck

Hit the Ball Duck by Jez Alborough
Duck tries to play a pick up game of ball with his animal friends, but unfortunately the ball gets stuck in a tree and calamity ensues as they try to knock it loose.  The game is saved in this rhyming story by a clever play by MVP little frog whom everyone thought was too small for the game. A great read for kids 3-5 years old.

Freddy and the Blue Jays

Freddy and the Blue Jays by Tina Powell
Freddy loves playing baseball but doesn't like to practice. Fortunately he learns a thing or two about the importance of sportsmanship and trying hard when the Toronto Blue Jays join his team for practice.  Ideal for kids 4-7 who are beginning to develop an interest in competitive sports.

Who's on First

Who's on First by Bud Abbot and Lou Costello
This book takes young readers through the classic Abbot and Costello comedy routine with adorable illustrations.  I bought this book for Molly and Jack and was disappointed that they're just not old enough and don't understand the game well enough to really "get" the joke. It entertains me, but that isn't really the point of bed time stories.  I'll try it again next season and see if it becomes a fast favourite.  I'd say that while this is a storybook marketed to all ages it would have the best reaction for kids over 6 or 8 years old and baseball fans.

What are your baseball reading essentials to install a love of the game with your little ones?

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