Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Whole World is Our Playground: Trinity Bellwoods Park

We had been hearing about how amazing Trinity Bellwoods Park was long before Toronto's hipsters turned it into their own personal beer garden.  A couple of weeks ago, on one of the blistering Humidex heat alert days, we decided to head over and give the playground and splash pad a try.

My park review disclaimer: If you don't live in the area I hope you enjoy the pics and can use some of the ideas to inspire and explore in your own city. If you have any recommendations for great playgrounds (or new criteria I haven't thought of) please post a comment on this post or email me.

Park Name:
Trinity Bellwoods Park 790 Queen Street West

This park has a lot of local street parking around the perimeter of the park.  It is also steps away from the Queen Street Car Stop (Crawford Street Stop). 

Theme of Park:
Green escape in the city.

Ground Coverage:
Primarily sand in the playground with grassy areas on the exterior.  Pavement around the wading pool area.

Variety of Equipment for different ages:
There are some great climbers for a variety of ages in this park.  I'd argue that there aren't enough "baby" swings here to meet visitor's needs, so there is a lot of waiting if your little ones like swings or slides.

Best Parts of the Park:
On a hot and sunny day this playground area provides a great deal of shade coverage to keep little ones and their caregivers cool.  This playground area has a number of picnic benches in a wooded area adjacent to it, allowing for some great picnic space.

The playground equipment is spaced very close together, which makes the park seem busier than it is.  We spent significant time waiting for other kids to finish with more popular pieces of equipment like the twisty slide and swings. There were also a number of older boys who were roughhousing and being rowdy and pushy, climbing up the slides and not really being super considerate of the younger kids trying to play - they ignored my dirty looks and appeared to be unsupervised.  We were told that the wading pool would open up at 12 o'clock and anxiously waited in the 30 degree heat.  By 12:10 it was apparent that it either wasn't opening at all that day (despite what was posted on the city website) or the person running the water was late for work.  We packed up and left for another park at that point because both kids really wanted to cool off and everyone was tired of waiting for the water.

Overall Rating:
I would rate this park a 3 out of 5.  If you live in the area, don't let my review scare you away from enjoying Trinity Bellwoods, it's just not a playground that I would go out of my way to visit but a solid local option if you live nearby.  It was too crowded to merit the distance for us.

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