Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Smashing Pumpkins - A New Post-Halloween Tradition

There's always a little bit of a letdown after a big event or holiday.  Expectations are set high, anticipation is more than half the fun and then it's done and you're left with two gigantic bags of candy in your house that you're slowly sneaking off to the office, in hope that you (and your offspring) won't eat it all yourselves.  Molly keeps on asking us what we're going to be for Halloween next year, apparently she's already planning her costume.  I swear the love of Halloween has to run in our family.

While we try to encourage the minions to enjoy the small things, not always sitting poised for the next big thing or event, it isn't always easy to come up with exciting things to do, especially when the nights become long and most of us are trapped inside all day despite the unseasonably balmy weather.

Yesterday, while we began to slowly put away our Halloween decorations, Chris came up with an idea for a new tradition to help extend the fun of Halloween a little bit further...drum roll please...The Inaugural Pumpkin Toss.

So yeah...before we placed our carved pumpkins into the green bin for composting, Chris laid down a tarp in the backyard and we had Molly and Jack participate in the first Annual Smashing Pumpkins Event. It was a 10 minute event (with most of it being set up and then scooping the pumpkin pieces into the green bin, but I'd say it was worth it).  We spent a good deal of time explaining that this is only something we do with our pumpkins, but yeah...smashing stuff is fun.

The tarp and green bin are set up and ready to go.

Preparing for the first "throw"

Excitedly Giddy to toss this big guy.

Hopefully we haven't started them off on a long career of Halloween high jinks and tricks instead of treats, but listening to their shrieks and giggles of excitement was totally worth it.

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