Monday, 23 November 2015

The First Time - Celebrating Little (Big) Moments

There are so many milestones for babies: first smile, roll over, word, crawling and walking, to name just a few.  I never gave much thought to other meaningful moments in Molly and Jack's lives once they passed the baby years, beyond when they were both (finally) potty trained.  I thought it might be fun to record some other magical and meaningful moments we've experienced a little more recently as the minions develop into little people with BIG PERSONALITIES.

Below are 7 Milestones that we've reached this past year with Molly and Jack that I think are worthy of celebration.

Molly and her sidewalk chalk
  1. When Molly told her first joke.  It involved a chicken crossing the road.  Her second joke was a knock knock.
  2. Watching Chris play Lego with the kids for the very first time.  He literally saved his childhood lego for them and it was like Christmas watching him play with them.
  3. When they could finally fetch things for us, like a beer from the fridge, a takeout menu or the phone.
  4. The day they both showed me how they could sing the national anthem, at the top of their lungs.
  5. Listening to Molly share a made up poem.
  6. The first time Molly drew a picture of the family and you could tell that it was a drawing of actual real people.
  7. When Chris and I were bickering in the car about directions and Jack refereed by saying, "You two are supposed to be best friends!  Say you're sorry and play nicely!
What little moments are you proud of as your kids get older?

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