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Empire State: Watching The Empire Strikes Back with 4 Year Olds

About a month ago we watched Star Wars with the minions and they absolutely loved it.  When we told them there were other movies they couldn't wait to start watching the sequels.  We decided to follow the same "rules" for watching The Empire Strikes back as we did for Star Wars for our viewing and broke the movie down into 25-35 minute "episodes" to allow for time for plot digestion and lots of questions.  To read my six essential tips for making your premiere viewing of any Star Wars movie with your kids a success click here.

*If you have never seen Star Wars or the Empire Strikes Back, you should, but be warned this post is riddled with spoilers for the good trilogy.

Yoda: The Empire Strikes Back

13 questions and statements that were asked or declared by my children during the premiere The Empire Strikes viewing

  • Jack: "Tauntauns die easy."
  • Molly: "Are you sure Obi-Wan Kenobi is really dead, cause he keeps on talking to Luke?"
  • Jack: "Why did Darth Vader take his helmet off?" Me: "Maybe his head was itchy or he wanted to eat lunch." Jack (nods slowly)
  • Jack: "Why is Yoda eating Luke's lunch?"
  • Molly: "How has Luke not realized that guy is Yoda?"
  • Molly: "Why does Leia not tell everyone she's a princess?"
  • Jack: "How many generals has Darth Vader strangled with his mind again?"
  • Molly: "C3PO complains too much, I'd turn him off too." Jack (giggles): "Yeah, me too."
  • Molly: "Why do storm troopers wear their uniform, it's not like it even protects them like Knights?"
  • Molly: "So the Emperor is Darth Vader's dad? Or his boss? Or both?"
  • Molly: "I'm so scared that Luke is going to go to the dark side."
  • Jack: "Are you sure Boba Fett is a bad guy?" (in awe of his coolness)
  • Molly yelling "You're a liar!!!" at the screen when Darth Vader told Luke he was his father.
Empire Strikes back movie poster courtesy of Wikipedia

Interesting Questions & Topics We Have Explored Since Watching The Empire Strikes Back Together

  1. Why does Luke not believe that Yoda could be a Jedi Master?  Why is Yoda so strong for someone so small?
  2. What does it mean when Yoda tells Luke: Do or do not, there is no try?
  3. If Lando is really Han Solo's friend why does he turn them over to Darth Vader? What would you do if you were Lando?
  4. If you were Luke would you go to save your friends, even if you'd been warned not to? Why?
  5. What makes someone your parent (mother or father)?  
  6. Can you be a good person if your mother or father are bad people?

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