Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Oh Canada - 49 Things to Celebrate About Being Canadian this Canada Day

Two years ago for Canada's 147th Birthday I had a great time compiling a list of 47 reasons why I am proud to be Canadian and last year I did it again.  I'm pretty impressed at  how easy it is to put this list together each year because as I grow older I find I'm becoming more and more patriotic to this amazing country.  So come on it's time to celebrate again as Canada turns 149 years young with my list of 49 reasons why I am proud to be Canadian.

Yes that is the CN Tower in the background (it turned 40 last week)


  1. A commitment to equality in our national anthem with the gender neutral O Canada Bill
  2. Earlier this year Canadians freaked out when Loblaws was going to pull locally produced French's Ketchup (made with tomatoes from Leamington Ontario).  Canadian shoppers were so passionate about keeping the locally made ketchup that the decision was reversed.
  3. Amazing Canadian books being turned into television awesomeness.  This summer Sarah Polley is working on an adaptation of Margaret Atwood's unbelievable book Alias Grace that will be available on Netflix and CBC.  
  4. There is also going to be a reboot of the beloved classic Anne of Green Gables later this year.
  5. New sitcom Letterkenny about small town life in a fictional Ontario town (loosely inspired by creator's experience in Listowel Ontario).
  6. The Strumbellas 
  7. The CBC Music Festival (made for families - highlight of this year Tokyo Police Club)
  8. Victoria BC (North America's second most haunted city, after New Orleans)
  9. The Toronto Blue Jays (games have slowly become a family tradition to us)
  10. Schitt's Creek and Dan Levy, the next generation of Canadian awesome, including a commitment to hard work (read this great article on Dan Levy and finance here)
  11. George Stroumboulopoulos, I know that he wasn't everyone's first choice for Hockey night in Canada, but I can't wait to see what he does next!
  12. July Talk
  13. Amazing Scouting and Girl Guide programs
  14. Donald Sutherland
  15. Gender Equal Cabinet, cause it's 2015
  16. A super photogenic Prime Minister
  17. Blue Rodeo
  18. Roots Canada Clothing
  19. Pelee Island Wine
  20. Most of the world's french fries come from New Brunswick
  21. Kelowna produces the majority of water slides in the entire world
  22. Jos Lois tasty lunchbox treats
  23. Kraft Dinner
  24. Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bars
  25. Swedish Fish (yeah I know it seems weird they're produced in Canada to me too)
  26. Winnipeg mints coins for more than just Canada (60 countries total)
  27. Joshua Jackson
  28. Jay Barachel (and the fact that they are making Goon 2)
  29. Ellen Page
  30. Will Arnett
  31. Baroness Von Sketch Show
  32. Don Cherry's "Amazing" suits
  33. Montreal Bagels
  34. One year (and possibly 18 months parental leave) to focus on family
  35. Toronto ravines (an escape from the city)
  36. Gun control
  37. Dennis Lee and Alligator Pie
  38. Robert Munsch (American born Canadian author)
  39. Chinguacousy Park
  40. The Sound of Music Festival Burlington
  41. Pride Month Toronto
  42. The Great Lakes
  43. Joel Plaskett 
  44. Canadian Tire Money
  45. Niagara Falls (Canada side)
  46. A real walled city in Quebec
  47. Half of the world's polar bears
  48. The Canadian Refugee System
  49. Local grown farmers markets for all sorts of yummy Canadian grown delish!

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