Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Simple Life

It always amazes me how complicated we make our lives.  It's of particular interest to me how unnecessarily difficult I make my own life.  Getting back to basics has been replaced with a need to be (and feel) authentic with the terms simple and basic generating negative connotations.  Calling someone simple or basic is the furthest thing from a compliment in our social world that is dependent on approval (I'm even writing a blog entry about it that I'm going to share over social media, so I get it).

The past week, as we've really embraced the spring, warm weather and time unplugged with the minions.  As I watch my kids, and the things that really get them excited, I'm both amazed and a little jealous of their sense of wonder and appreciation for simple things. Why do we need to curate complicated hobbies and conversations so we can be cool and interesting?

Molly, Jack, Chris and I at High Park Zoo

Here are 10 things that have made my kids happy in the past two weeks that I wouldn't have even thought of as joyous moments if it weren't for watching them.  These slices of our lives right now have given me greater pleasure than a pumpkin spice latte or a glass of Sauv Blanc as I embrace a new kind of "Basic" bitch through the eyes of my children.

  1. Watering the garden
    After we planted our garden, both kids really wanted to help water on days that it doesn't rain. Our original host nozzle was super intense and shot the kids and plants halfway across the lawn. Chris went out and bought a hose attachment with a watering setting to avoid beating the lettuce, literally, into the ground.  The kids were psyched, Molly in particular, and ask each evening to water the plants. 
  2. Picking Flowers
    Letting Molly pick flowers (aka weeds) in the backyard makes her day.  One of her besties from daycare used to pick Molly a dandelion a day, that was a year ago and she still talks about it.

    Dandelions and Mr. Snail
  3. Making & Eating Freezer Pops
    We bought a set of freezer pops with a straw attachment on the handle to keep messes at a minimum (it helps a bit, but they're still both pretty gross by the time they're done eating the frozen treats).  Using fresh juices, fruit, and recipes I found online and care of my Thug Kitchen Cook Books has made the kids and I both crave healthier summer desserts.

    Molly and Dad on the Rocks
  4. Climbing Rocks and on tree stumps
    Cause that is what big kids do.
  5. Food Colouring in Milk
    Don't want to give your kid chocolate milk?  Let them place a few drops of food coloring in their milk and stir...thanks to an introduction from their second cousin J Blue milk is a staple treat in our house.
  6. Seeing Animals and bugs
    Cause sometimes they really are seeing the creature for the very first time.

    Jack, Dad & Peter Swan
  7. Pushing Buttons
    Whether it's at a crosswalk, on an elevator, a doorbell, the dishwasher, washer, dryer, TV or radio, pushing buttons to make things work is like being a magician for a second. Kids get so little control over their own destiny that this little slice of power can be fight and tear worthy (Molly), particularly if someone pushes a button (Jack) when it isn't their turn.
  8. Any single body of water
    Pool, lake, pond, puddle, splash pad, bath or sink.  It doesn't matter, jump in with both feet.
  9. Popping Bubble Wrap
    This isn't just for kids, I know many adults who love the satisfied feeling of popping these bubbles.  I've heard that there are bubble wrap advent calendars for those who want to pop their way to Christmas.  Molly and Jack spent half an hour jumping up and down and hand popping bubble wrap at their great grandmother's place a few weeks ago, and it was awesome!
  10. Eating Cake
    Cake is a ritual for my kids, seriously they're like the Golden Girls but replace cheesecake with chocolate cake and frosting.  It's your birthday, they'll want to make you a cake (and share it with you).

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