Wednesday, 1 November 2017

My Kids In 140 Characters (Or Less)

We spend a lot of time with the minions and I'm fortunate enough to record the things that they say and do so I can look back on it and laugh.  Some of it makes the blog and other smaller moments don't.  One of the brilliant things about Twitter is how it's the ultimate parenting "elevator speech", because you have to keep it short. Below are Tweets, conversations, parental musings and things that the minions have done or said over the past month, for your reading pleasure that haven't made it to the blog.
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1. M: A is for Apple. J: A is for ass, like they said in so you can't get mad mommy

2. Brother: Did u tell ur friend ur half demon? M: That's just pretend Bro: Exactly what a demon would say u foul demon

3. M: You need to stop singing that song Mommy! Me: Why? M: You sound like a Disney prince & I just can't handle it.

4. Arguing with your child about how peeing your pants while in the bathroom is not "making it in time"

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5. What happens when they finally end up in the same swimming class? insistence on holding hands each time they jump in the pool

6. J: Is sad that it used to be a planet and then they changed their minds? I know I'd feel sad if I was Pluto

7. Me: brush ur teeth J: I curse u. U will have bad luck, be poked constantly & catch on fire. Me: Slight over-reaction? J: shrugs

8. Dear I have 2 kids in grade 1. I regretfully assure u I am typing lice (not love or live) but appreciate ur optimism

9. J: U know how I know I'm part ? Me: How? J: Cause I like to lick ice cream off the floor

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