Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Steal My Sunshine - A May 24 at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Sometimes time gets away from me.  Life fills up with other things.  Deadlines, family time, and before I know it a week (or more, oops) passes before I write here.  We've been slowly getting ready for a garage sale, and I must admit the minions have been really helpful and open to getting rid of old toys that they no longer use.  Our garage and my office currently look like the set of an episode of Hoarders, but we're getting there.

We've begun to work on our backyard and planning out our garden, one of these days we're going to dust those bikes off in the garage and start to attempt the kids to ride again.  This past weekend was the Victoria Day long weekend (it wasn't just Megan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding.

In the past, in a time before kids, we'd usually attempt a trip away for the weekend to embrace everything spring, and more often than not this would lead to rainy and cold camping trips.  In staying in the city we were able to take in other sights.

A friend recommended we check out Black Creek Pioneer Village this weekend for their annual Pirates and Princesses weekend, and it was well worth the $58 admission fee for our family of four (Kids three and under get in for free).

Highlights include the kids learning to be pirates, princesses, making their own crowns, and attending Evil School as taught by Queen Grimhilde (yeah that's her real name, I didn't know it either, but you probably know her as the Evil Queen from Snow White).  The kids had a blast and so did we, so if you plan on being in the city next year, add it to your calendar and check it out!  Pro tip - bring your own snacks, there were food trucks, but they were a little pricey and my kids weren't exactly in love with any food beyond the ice cream.

Captain Hook
Jack Meeting Captain Hook 
Evil Queen, Queen Grimhilde
Evil School is in Session with Queen Grimhilde

Making a princess crown
Molly tries on her crown
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