Monday, 7 May 2018

My Apologetic Mother's Day

It's almost Mother's Day and in addition to preparing to spend a fantastic day with my family, I also love to use the day to reflect.  Each Mother's Day I think about all of the things my own mother used to face and I didn't appreciate because I was a kid myself.  At six years old the minions are feisty, spirited, and independent.  It's time for me to apologize to my mom based on all of the wacky things that motherhood has thrown my way this past year.  Some of these are pretty specific to my life, but I am likely guilty of some pretty comparable crimes from when I was six...

An Attempt at the sword and the stone

Dearest Mom,

I am sorry for...

  • thinking 'cleaning my room' means shoving a pile of dirty socks and underwear into the bottom of my toy box
  • interrupting a well deserved bath by barging into the room (even though we have another bathroom) and taking the stinkiest poop imaginable all while insisting 'mommy needs company'
  • demanding you prepare me snacks while you run on a treadmill, 15 minutes after I've already eaten a snack
  • getting toothpaste all over my clothes right before school
  • having to be reminded to wash my hands after the bathroom, almost every single time
  • leaving Lego all over the stairs
  • leaving Lego on the floor
  • dumping Lego everywhere,even immediately after cleaning it up
  • threatening to 'take away your privacy'
  • complaining about walking to school on a nice day
  • deciding I hate former favourite foods, specifically after you've bought them in bulk
  • losing so many spoons at school that you need to switch to plastic, despite the school's 'Litter-free lunch policy'
  • screaming at the ground for 'tripping me'
  • setting my alarm clock for random times even though I haven't quite grasped the complete concept of time-telling yet
  • leaving empty yogurt containers everywhere
  • when I get in trouble for leaving empty yogurt containers everywhere shoving them down the side of the couch instead (so you won't find them)
  • losing my library books every single week
  • thinking it's a good idea to sleep with Silly Puddy under my pillow
  • begging for a play date with a friend, and then both pleading with me to let you watch TV
  • demanding a snack while I see you plating my dinner
  • audibly saying eww, yuck, or gross when you present me with food
  • telling me you can't find something you're literally staring at
  • losing 13 gloves, 3 hats, and 1 scarf this winter alone (none of this was Jack)
  • insisting i'll join you in bed when dad's away for work, you know so you don't get lonely

P.S. Still not sorry for the black lipstick I wore as a teenager

P.P.S I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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  1. Made me laugh! Our poor, long-suffering mothers. Sadly mine died in January at the age of 96 after a lifetime of love and laughter.