Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The Unbelievers

I know that one day my children aren't going to believe in a lot of things that they do now at age seven when virtually anything is possible.  On St. Patrick's Day Molly set out a 'Leprechaun Trap' in hope of getting wishes when she caught a Lil Irish fellow, cause apparently Leprechauns are like Genies, who knew?

I read that some time between age eight and nine most children (75 percent) no longer believe in Santa, The Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny.  I am aware that we're running out of time, that we're skating on thin ice, and that soon enough Leprechaun traps will be replaced with eye rolls and tweenage attitude.

via Reader's Digest

I get that some parents never give the false promise of magical creatures to their children, and that's cool.  But if/when you tell your child that you are the big jolly guy or doesn't exist, do me and other parents a solid? Just tell them to STFU about it.

Twice in the past few months I've been aware of kids seeing it as their own sworn duty to ruin the magic of Easter, Christmas, and the tooth fairy for my kids and other kids who are significantly younger.  This is particularly uncool at holiday related events.  Okay, it's never cool.  Don't believe, but stop ruining it for others.

In the most recent incident, last week, Molly and Jack came home one evening telling me about this child revealing huge childhood spoilers to kids around them.  This was something that was sparked by the placement of egg and spring decorations going up around them.  So, I did what I always do, I asked my kids what they think.  Their answer, "Well, X does tend to lie a lot, and she doesn't even believe in ghosts so I'm just going to ignore her."  Interesting, but fair.

When the time does come to tell your kid the truth about magic, please also talk to them about how fun and amazing it is to keep the spirit of holidays alive for others and start some new traditions together to help inspire a sense of giving, community, and sharing.  Let them get the glitter pen out to decorate eggs, help you build a scavenger hunt, or give a Christmas surprise gift to a lonely neighbour, relative, or someone in need.  Cause no one likes a Debbie Downer, whether they're 36 or six.  Hoppy Easter!

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