Friday, 31 January 2020

Things My Kids Said As Posted On Twitter

Not everything my kids say or do warrants a blog post.  This is why I like to share this roundup and snippets of recent conversations I've had with M&J as shared on Twitter.  Enjoy!

J: Today at school we found a cockroach on the playground, he was so cool, but don't worry, I didn't take him home because I thought that might make you mad. (yeah, MIGHT make me mad) #parenting

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Trying a new recipe in the slow cooker today. As I loaded the ingredients in this morning M said: What smells like barf?  I obviously have really high hopes for dinner tonight #parenting

J: I am going to act like I'm 20 to try & impress my celebrity crush, cause she's also 20. Me: How are you going to act 20? J: Drive a car. Oh, and act stupid, but pretend I know everything. Me: That's really, very accurate. #parenting

Things I say now that I’m a parent: stop pretending to be Pennywise and freaking out your sister

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J: my favourite number is eight because it’s so cute and because it has an adorable head and body #parenting

J: Vive la resistance means fight the power, baby! #parenting

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Day 2 back to school post holidays J: I left my pillow on the bathroom floor so I could lay down and rest while I brushed my teeth. #parenting

M: Jack can you cuddle me? It will help me calm down and fall asleep before Santa comes #twins #parenting #ChristmasEve

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