Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Hunting We Will Go

The amount of "smack talk" that happens before an Easter Egg hunt between a 5 year old and a grown woman is a little odd to watch.  There is that mix of innocent childhood energy and excitement combined with an adult suppressing usual pre-game fodder to something child friendly in the spirit of good-sportsmanship.  Before the egg hunt my 5 year old nephew announced that The Granken was in for some real competition because he was REALLY FAST.  She grumbled about the fight being fixed for children as we strapped my son to her, while the "Easter Bunny" hid eggs.

After careful thought The Granken determined that Jack, although considerably more sizable, was a better partner for her due to his easy going nature and her ability to calm him down using "snack hands".*  Jack was asleep by the time the hunt was over.

 Getting Her Game Face On.  The Granken & Jack - Ready to Take on the Competition! - Photo Courtesy of Michael Case.

The result - My nephew won the entire competition by 6 eggs.  The Granken was impressed by her competitor and declared, "Wow, he really is fast!" After the race was over (Team Granken/Jack came in second) our nephew suggested an alliance for next year so they could really dominate.**  Perhaps next year it should be those two who are bound together, like in a forced employee retreat race.  Suggestions on next year's competition is encouraged.***  I am happy to report that no children were injured in the production of Easter Egg Hunt 2012.

Enjoying the Spoils of Victory - Photo from Easter 2009 - After the "Counting Incident" where my nephew poured the contents of The Granken's egg collection into his own basket and declared himself champion.
 The Easter Bunny takes a break to feed Miss Molly - Photo courtesy of Michael Case.

*Snack hands is like Jazz hands but without white gloves and is directed towards the excitement over eating tasty snacks, like say fries with cheese sauce at a hockey game.  Often when The Granken is around and Jack gets hungry, she can distract him with Snack Hands while we get him food.
**And stick it to the 4 year olds and two twenty month old toddlers they'll be competing against?
***And no, I don't think my sister-in-law or anyone else wants to see a 6 year old bjorned to The Granken.

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