Monday, 2 April 2012

Kiss With A Fist

I have an idea for the next big new buddy movie, and it's never been done before.  Picture it: A feisty young brunette, who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it.  She's got a killer set of lungs, a fiery temper and an adorable pixie cut.  Her plans are thwarted when a blonde, good-natured slacker with a heart of gold comes into her life and shows her how to have a good time.  After a tumultuous start they finally begin to get along, until there is a misunderstanding that may jeopardize their relationship forever.  Will they make it?  Nobody knows.

Okay everybody knows that everything will turn out in the end and they have known since The Odd Couple. It's the mainstay for every buddy movie and almost every romantic comedy ever made.  There is nothing romantic about this couple. Despite recent creepy depictions of twins in the show Game of Thrones and the record, 10 time Razzie award winning "comedy" Jack and Jill, twins are capable of not horrifying people.*

About a month ago Molly and Jack REALLY discovered each other and began to interact with each other beyond screaming that the other child is getting a bottle/more attention.  They've slowly begun to play with each other, coo to one another and teach each other how to do things.  That being said their relationship still has a long way to go.  They are still more comparable to Sid & Nancy** then they are to Raggedy Ann & Andy.

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On Thursday they both lay on the floor of the nursery simultaneously giggling at each other for almost 20 minutes.  I have no idea what was so funny, but I suspect that Jack was the instigator.  Chris and I were thrilled, so the next night we lay them both on our bed together to play while we folded and hung up laundry around them.

Round 1:
Molly immediately begin to kick Jack in the stomach, which he found hysterical, until she lined one up just right and karate kicked him in the face.  Tears ensued.

Round 2:
Jack crawled close to Molly and shoved both fingers in her eyes.  Tears, again.

Round 3:
We calmed them, moved them apart until they log rolled into each other smashing their giant baby melon heads together.  More tears.

Five minutes later they were happily sucking each other's thumbs.  Mildly creepy? But not in a way that warrants a movie with Katie Holmes in it.

*What happened to you Adam Sandler?  You used to be good.
**Minus the access to heroin and knives.

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  1. I would argue that Adam Sandler's good movies are merely outliers.