Thursday, 5 April 2012

Morning Has Broken - Hard Boiled Edition

What says holiday tradition more than a good old fashioned fight or awkward situation?  The recent newsworthy cancellation of an Easter Egg Hunt due to highly competitive parents reminded me of Easter at our house.*

For as long as I've known Chris we've had two pre-Easter traditions.  The first one is Easter Egg painting, which is is normally civil, except for the fight clubesque rule, fiercely enforced by our friend, The Granken, where if you break an egg while painting it you must eat the egg immediately.  About six years ago Chris's sister broke two eggs in a row.  She was chastised and had to endure uncreative chants about eating eggs until she finally did, reluctantly.  At the time we were unaware that she was two months pregnant with our nephew and really nauseous.  We thought she was being overly dramatic when she announced she may throw up egg all over our glitter pen and other decorating supplies.  Thankfully no one had to clean up Easter vomit that day. Either way, she's learned to be more careful.

Note the glass of wine while decorating eggs (circa 2009)....cause we're classy like that.

 After the egg painting "The Easter Bunny" (Chris) shows up** and announces that he's going to hide Easter eggs in select rooms of our house.  When the bunny returns he lets everyone know how many eggs have been hidden and the competition begins.  Everyone runs around to see who can collect the most eggs.  For years our friend, The Granken, was the undisputed champion - until children started participating.  We banned her from searching below a certain height level to give children a fair chance at winning.  One year it was a close race between The Granken and our nephew***.  They both presented their baskets and "The Easter Bunny" began to count our nephew's eggs first.  He cleverly picked up The Granken's basket, dumped the contents into his own and declared himself champion.  The Granken is still bitter about being outwitted by a 3 year old.

This year, now that we have children, we made a proposition to The Granken.  I suggested that she would no longer be restricted in where she can search for eggs with one caveat....either Molly or Jack must be strapped (or bjorned) to her while she hunts.  She has agreed to this challenge and is aware that said child must remain safe during the hunt.****  She still hasn't decided who she wants to accompany her.  Molly is much lighter, but also more volatile.  Oh - and if the selected child breaks any eggs while we're decorating, guess who's going to be dining on hard boiled eggs?  Let the games begin!

**This is not a high end production of The Easter Bunny, one year his ears were made out of the cardboard from a case of beer attached to a black toque, sometimes he has a nose and whiskers drawn on with eye liner.
***Who was 3 at this time.
****If someone calls children's services, I'll only lose one of my babies, right?  Right?

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