Monday, 6 May 2013

Ring of Fire

When I was eight months pregnant a mom friend of mine made me an elaborate diaper cake as a shower gift.  It was artistic, practical and filled with new mom treats like lotions, creams, baby shampoo and a ton of size one diapers.   First of all I have never been artistic enough to pull off something so picturesque, secondly she created this practical yet pleasing piece as a mother to a toddler.*

I was impressed, so I asked her how she managed to complete this project while minding the cataclysmic muscle that is a boy toddler.  She responded with something that I'm certain I have mentioned before, something that has become one of my inherent truths as a parent of toddlers: "I work late at night, quickly and quietly, like a raccoon rummaging through trash cans for garbage to eat and feed her family, it's the only way that I get anything done."

The making mischief smile

We have actively tried to complete whatever chores we can around the minions.  We want them to know that life isn't just about playgrounds, fun travel, snacks and naps and try to include them in day to day activities when we can. 

For the past three weeks Jack has been obsessed with the stove.  He loves the pots and pans drawer, he is curious about what is going in and out of the oven and clearly he wants to die.  He is just tall enough to grab at hot rings and pull wine glasses and knives off of counters onto his head.  He is a menace to our kitchen.  I had to roundhouse kick him onto the ground twice last week because of his interest in climbing into our hot oven as if he's reenacting a scene from Hansel and Gretal.

Last night we began my week long challenge: cook like a raccoon.  Sunday dinner was BBQ burgers that I prepared with a screen door barrier between myself and young Hansel. Once the minions retired to bed I stuffed a chicken full of garlic cloves, seasoned it and roasted it for our Monday dinner along with a summer salad.  Tonight at nine I'll season and cook the fish for Tuesday's fish tacos.

With spring upon us, night time cooking will be a great way to keep the house cool during the day and hopefully prevent Jack from death by fire.  It will also stop the bad habit we have of filling Molly and Jack with snacks at six o'clock to distract them while we prepare supper, only to become shocked and annoyed when they won't eat their dinner.  The only drawbacks I can see so far is late night adult raccoon feeding inspired by tasty food cooking** and that our house is going to smell like fish come Tuesday morning.

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*Mind blown.  I still throw most presents into recycled wedding and baby gift bags no matter what the occasion.  Let's just say I'm the DJ, Chris is the (w)rapper.
**As evident by Chris's late night roasted chicken snack yesterday.

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