Monday, 13 May 2013

Sweater Song

Saturday seemed like a bad omen that Mother's Day was destined for, well disaster.  One child started screaming hysterically about half an hour into their afternoon nap.  It turned out they had soiled themselves and attempted to solve the problem by shoving their hands down the back of their diaper and rubbing the contents over their face.  That very evening Chris and I went out for a date night.  Shortly after dinner, we'd retired to a local pub and were just about to "Cheers" a drink, when I got a call from our sitter A.  She never calls, so I knew this would be bad.  The other child had pulled an Exorcist level of vomiting all over their crib.  We finished our drinks and walked home*, cutting our night significantly short.  It turns out, thankfully, that the vomit was a one off, and we thanked A for her braveness, strong stomach and kindness in the face of our gross minions.

Holding hands on our Mother's Day Morning Walk.  Mother's Day is the only day that Chris would ever let me put them in matching English bonnets and sweater coats.

My Mother's Day was great, Here's a list of my top 6 Mother's Day Moments this Year:

  1. This year not only did I avoid changing a single diaper, Chris upped the ante: I didn't prepare a single bottle, slice a single grape or have to administer any discipline (save for when Jack bit his cousin).  I was given the Mother's Day gift of being able to play with my children - All Day Long, without playing the role of caregiver or bad cop.
  2. Cinnabons for breakfast (even though Chris pretended he was going to serve me passion flakies which I hate)**
  3. Chris let me dress the twins up like little dolls in matching clothes that my mother knit them.  It was like playing dolly all over again and reminded me of one of the most important reasons why I had children: Dress-up!
  4. The number of hipsters at the local flea market who complimented Jack's amazing knitted attire and how dapper he looked in his nana knits.
  5. On Saturday Chris asked me how much weight I thought the children could lift.  I should have been suspicious.  I guesstimated 6-8lbs, and  I was wrong.  When Chris tried to secure the corners of a blanket for our indoor picnic/English picnic*** with 10lb weights we all  learned quickly that Jack can lift up a 10lb weight and swing it around quite easily.  Bam Bam smash picnic real good.
  6. They slept through the night.  On a Sunday.  Sunday night uninterrupted sleep is like a unicorn, beautiful precious and mythical.

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*Going home early, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for my children, wasting booze, come on, how else are we going to muster up the strength to tackle mount vomit?
**I have a serious issue with pastry of almost any kind.
***Held inside, or inside your car because it's raining.


  1. Haha, glad it wasn't me babysitting that Saturday! Poor A!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! you have totes earned some major mom badges this year.

  3. As someone that also has twins, I think a lot of my days are destined for disaster. Glad you had a good Mother's day though! The breakfast would have been enough for me, since I had to make my own and I ruined it.