Monday, 17 June 2013

Bird Dog

We realized a number of months ago that the minions weren't quite ready for a trip to the zoo.  The Toronto Zoo is huge and expensive and their attention span, patience and enjoyment wouldn't equal the frustration, crying, cost and effort.  This combined with the fact that Molly thinks all animals are: cats, dogs, fish, bears or my favourite dogbears means that we have been finding other ways to expose the children to the elusive dogbear.
This weekend we went to High Park Zoo with the minions and their grandparents as a part of a Father's Day outing.  It's the ideal size for our 22 month olds to run around, interact with other animals and the cost is a donation if you feel so inclined (we go fairly often and empty the change out of our pockets to help support the zoo).  There are other ways you can support the zoo by purchasing colouring books, Peacock feathers or even lemonade.
Molly was a little nervous of the Llamas and didn't want to get too close.

In an effort to get close to a Bunny, Chris entered the small animal pen with Molly.  A volunteer dropped a chicken on his lap.  He was unimpressed as the chicken pecked at his wedding ring.  Molly just yelled, "Dog Bird" as Chris wished for a case of Purell.*

Jack trying to get close the the baby Walaby.
We even got to feed the Capybaras...
But had to stop when Jack tried to jump into the pen with them.
I recommend giving the High Park Zoo a visit with your little ones, unless you're chicken.**  If they still need to blow off some steam and run around after, you're less than a five minute walk away from The Jamie Bell Adventure Playground which was recently re-built by Canadian Home Improvement Celebrity Mike Holmes.
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*Chris has added having a chicken dropped into his lap into an epic description of his own personal hell.
**I'm sorry Chris, I couldn't help myself!

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