Friday, 28 June 2013

People Are Strange

About six months ago, on New Years Day, while I was nursing a hot cup of tea instead of a hangover (thankfully) I came across a great blog entry by the Bloggess.  In this entry she tracked the strangest search results that led people to her blog.  After this I started keeping a closer eye on the random things that bring people over to Multiple Momstrosity.  I decided that I would keep track and give you a six month round up on what unusual, but fairly regularly entered search terms bring people to my blog and how disappointed I must make a lot of people in their journey to search for Internet pornography.

Here are some of my favourites that I hope you enjoy:

Wonder Woman Defiled - This search term has come up a lot.  Those Comicon loving folks are freaky monkeys...sadly it's simply an entry about what I discovered happened to my Wonder Woman Doll after the minions first birthday party.

Pregnant My Little Pony - I don't know what you people did with your My Little Ponies, but mine were flying and frolicking, not procreating on clouds and rainbows.  This search term gem leads you to a post about Molly and her love for a super ugly cat sweater.

Prince Eric Naked - I really feel like I gave sick Disney loving people what they asked for, an entry that involves fairy tales, my drunken family and Molly's desire to play with a naked Ken Doll.

It really makes me feel like a super star parent when people stumble upon my blog because they Google: How Not to Baby Proof or Baby Falling Down Stairs.  Sadly our ineptitude in parenting and childproofing is one of the most significant ways that people find this blog, sigh.

What, you aren't supposed to let your baby play in the trunk of a car?

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