Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Blue Dress - A Punishment Complete

Last week we busted Molly in a bold faced lie.  Yesterday she completed her punishment with minimal fuss and muss.  When I made her swear on "all of her pretty dresses" that she was telling the truth, and then later had to remove them from her closet because she had in fact been lying I thought that I'd orchestrated a pretty random and silly punishment. (read the post on her lying here).

As an adult if someone told me I couldn't wear a dress for a week it wouldn't impact my life that much.  But when you're a five and a half year old girl, whose life revolves around dress-up as a part of your play, it's a very big deal.

pretty dress
Molly dressed for success circa summer 2013

Each night when Molly picked out her clothes for the next day there was significantly less choice for her. Then on Friday we went to visit her cousins who began playing dress up with her.  When offered a lovely red dress Molly forgot and pranced upstairs to show us how cute she looked in her red dress.  We reminded her of her punishment, and she had to take it off while her cousins continued to run around in princess attire. To rub salt into the wound, her older cousin passed along a beautiful purple princess dress to Molly that she wouldn't be able to wear until Wednesday (I couldn't have planned it better).

On Sunday she had a birthday party - normally the perfect occasion to wear a dress. She was forced to wear leggings and a t-shirt.  Then at a play date later that day, when a friend presented her with a tickle trunk filled with princess dresses for the pair to wear, Molly had to explain why she was not permitted to join in on the princess party.

At her after school program, two of her dress wearing companions noticed Molly's wardrobe change and asked her about it.  So she had to explain, yet again about what had happened and why there was a week long ban on dresses.

We can wear a dress even at the beach

I am proud of Molly.  I wish we had never faced the situation where she lied, but I think she gets the importance of us being able to trust her and believe her.  She has a better understanding of the power of her words, and the importance of doing what's right, no matter how hard.

This morning she was able to get up and put on a lovely yellow spring dress, having completed her punishment with the grace of a pretty pretty princess, dress or no dress.

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  1. Thank you for sharing-another example of the importance of following through, no matter how spontaneous it is.

  2. I just got a Straight Talk reload card pin for free! :D