Tuesday, 27 June 2017

There's A Hole In My Bucket: Summer Bucket List

The minions really loved knocking items off of bucket lists since we started the project this winter, and continued it into spring.  I'm happy to report that we're getting better at knocking things off of our list and actually managed to complete 18 out of 30 items on our spring bucket list (much better than the 14 we managed on our winter bucket list!   Bucket lists have inspired us to book activities, appreciate what each season has to offer and get out and move, even when we were tempted to just curl up and binge on some Netflix.  Since some of the items are still doable for summer we moved a few from spring over to our summer bucket list that we worked on collectively as a family last night.

This list is designed to get us out there and enjoy everything that summer has to offer; I'm hoping that we keep improving our records and eventually complete all the check marks.

Feel free to steal ideas from our list, and if you have any must see / must do suggestions please let us know so we can keep adding to our own list.  I'll be adding check marks and writing posts as we cross stuff off our list.

Climbing a log on a Father's Day Hike at Tiffany Falls

  1. Go and see Despicable Me In Theatres✔
  2. Go to a Drive In Movie✔
  3. Explore three new playgrounds or parks✔✔✔
  4. Fly a kite✔
  5. Try using a scooter
  6. Ride our bikes (learn to ride a bike)
  7. Complete a nature themed scavenger hunt✔
  8. Go on three hikes✔
  9. Make Toronto beautiful with a park clean up day
  10. Have an outdoor garden tea party
  11. Go canoeing ✔
  12. Have a picnic in the park✔
  13. Celebrate Molly & Jack's 6th Birthday✔
  14. Visit the ocean✔
  15. Collect sea shells✔

    Molly climbing a tree stump on a hike
  16. Say hello to a French person in French in Quebec✔
  17. Go to the cottage✔
  18. Go to Black Creek Pioneer Village
  19. Eat food from our garden✔
  20. Try new recipes for food from our garden✔
  21. Make our own ice cream sundaes
  22. Enjoy the sun and lay on the ground to watch the sun and the clouds
  23. Make a flower crown out of wild flowers
  24. Go to Santa's Village✔
  25. Jump in muddy puddles✔
  26. Go to a baseball game with daddy✔
  27. Go to an outdoor flea market or craft market✔
  28. Visit a farm✔
  29. Try three new splash pads✔✔✔
  30. Read all of the Captain Underpants books (Read 1-10)
  31. Read all of the Ivy and Bean books✔
  32. Read all of the Bad Guys books✔
  33. Read all of the Princess & Black Book Series✔ 
  34. Go to Canada's Wonderland✔

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