Friday, 22 December 2017

There's A Hole In My Bucket: Family Winter Bucket List

The minions really loved knocking items off of bucket lists since we started the project last winter, and we've continued it each season.  I'm happy to report that we keep getting better at knocking things off of our list and actually managed to complete 18 out of the 24 items on our autumn bucket and I'm looking for us to beat last year's winter bucket list where we only completed 14 times on our 2016/2017 winter bucket list!  There are some things that I want to do each winter that we never get to, like visiting Chill Ice Lounge or checking out a Maple Syrup festival - so I'm going to do my best to make that actually happen.

I love bucket lists because the have inspired us to book activities, appreciate what each season has to offer and get out and move, even when we were tempted to just curl up and binge on some Netflix - which when it's cold outside is really easy to do.

This list is designed to get us out there and enjoy everything that fall has to offer; I'm hoping that we keep improving our records and eventually complete all the check marks.

Feel free to steal ideas from our list, and if you have any must see / must do suggestions please let us know so we can keep adding to our own list.  I'll be adding check marks and writing posts as we cross stuff off our list.
Molly & Jack Grabbing Life By The Wavy Wacky Inflatable Santa

  1. Learn to skate✔
  2. Make a big snowman
  3. Go tobogganing 
  4. Make a snow fort
  5. Freeze Bubbles (I saw a cool tutorial online about this here)
  6. Go on our annual ski trip✔
  7. Visiting the Santa Street (Mount Pleasant and St. Clair)
  8. Rating our neighbours Christmas decorations
  9. Sing Christmas Carols✔
  10. Visit some greenhouses✔

    So far this is the best holiday display in our neighbourhood
  11. Watch Home Alone Three (this is ALL Molly & Jack)✔
  12. Make our gingerbread men and decorate them✔
  13. Watch CoCo in theatres✔
  14. Watch Ferdinand in theatres
  15. Go to Great Wolf Lodge (scheduled for Spring)
  16. Throw snowballs at targets in our backyard
  17. Go Visit The Chill Ice Lounge
  18. Eat Maple Syrup snow
  19. Maple Sugar Bush Activities (Late winter)✔
  20. Go to an indoor playground✔
  21. Visit Lego Land✔
  22. Plan our spring vacation✔
  23. Go swimming in an indoor/outdoor pool in the winter✔
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