Sunday, 31 December 2017

99 Red Balloons (plus 2) 101 in 1001 - A Year Without A New Year Resolution

I am a list person, and I had a very specific New Year's Resolution, or more of a goal, in mind for 2018. I've been setting monthly distance running goals for two months now and have successfully completed both, including running over 64 miles in the month of December.  I wanted to set a goal for running for 2018, to run 800 miles total for the year, which I'm still going to do, but I want it to be a part of something even bigger and a lot more fun.

Today I read  an article about creating a 101 in 1001 list instead of a traditional New Year's resolution list.  Basically it's a combination of 101 goals and bucket list items to be completed in 1001 days (so around two and three quarter years).  Since I'm about to celebrate a major milestone in 2018 (the big 40) I thought it would be very timely and more fun than a resolution list.

I am well aware that it's very unlikely that I get to knock every item off of this list, but it will be fun getting there.  I will add check marks when I complete something and enter the date that I complete it, and write some entries on some of them as well.  Here we go! This list is in no particular order.  I hope I inspire others towards not just meeting goals, but sharing things and pursuing some dreams!

Cheers to the things I'll complete before September 28, 2020!

  1. Run 800 miles in a single year
    (Progress: ran 75.44 miles in January 2018, ran 75.76 miles in February 2018, Ran 58.01 miles in March 2018, ran 59.94 miles in April 2018, ran 60.93 miles in May, ran 45.91 miles in June)
  2. Write a children's story about and for Molly & Jack
  3. Take the kids to Disney✔ Completed March 2018
  4. Donate blood
  5. Successfully complete the license plate game on a road trip (got 48 states on July 2018 road trip)
  6. Indulge in a scalp massage✔ On February 2, 2018 I had this and it worked wonders on my laptop neck!
  7. Run 1000 miles in a single year
  8. Have a pay per view article go viral (and earn me the freelance white whale of $1000)✔ on January 31st, 2018 I broke this record and have received over 2 million hits for this article
  9. Run an 8KM race
  10. Run a 10KM race
  11. Have a big 40th birthday bash
  12. Learn how to better use photo shop
  13. Grow my business by 20 percent in one year
  14. Go hiking in the Catskill Mountains✔ Completed on July 12, 2018
  15. Read the entire Harry Potter series with Molly and Jack
  16. Be able to complete a 3 minute plank
  17. Learn to do a Kart Wheel
  18. Be able to do a headstand (I was able to do these thanks to a regular Hatha Yoga Class in my 20's but have lost it over the years)
  19. Go horseback riding with Molly and Jack✔ Completed August 10, 2018
  20. Take a nature survivalist class

  21. Get professional family photos that I love
  22. Take an archery class
  23. Swim at the bottom of a waterfall
  24. Make a balloon payment on our mortgage
  25. Send a message in a bottle (with the kids)
  26. Paint a painting✔ See my blog entry on this here
  27. Attend a blogger conference
  28. Create a strategic business plan
  29. Read Anne of Green Gables with Molly
  30. Visit 5 new MLB stadiums for games (with Chris)✔ PNC Park July 2018
  31. Get a professional biography photo I love
  32. Run a 5KM colour run
  33. Go to the outdoor movies in the summer for a picnic✔ August 13, 2018 - Before Sunrise in Christie Pitts Park
  34. 10 pieces of mail for a friend in one month to show them I'm thinking of them (one per year)
  35. Go on a special family vacation to celebrate my 40th
  36. Get an article or short story published in a prominent magazine
  37. Frame and hang my Alice in Wonderland prints
  38. Write a fictional short story
  39. Write a fictional novella
  40. Grow my business by 25 percent in a year
  41. Clean out the spare room closet
  42. Use my office as an office to better divide freelance life and home life
  43. Indulge in a professional cleaner for our house (just once)
  44. Get published in a prominent newspaper (article or short story)
  45. Participate in philanthropy that is Molly and Jack's selection
  46. Complete 31 days to Building a Better Blog (not necessarily in 31 consecutive days)
  47. See But I'm A Cheerleader on Broadway
  48. Go on a date to see classical music in the Casa Loma Garden
  49. Run a 12.5 minute mile✔ Completed on February 20, 2018 during mile 3 of a 5 mile run
  50. Walk along the ocean in Myrtle Beach✔ Completed on March 26, 2018
  51. Annual girls spa weekend to reconnect with friends
  52. Finish Jack's baby book ✔ Completed February 24, 2018
  53. Create a 3-7 year old photo album for both Molly and Jack
  54. Get a croquet set and play croquet with the kids✔  Given to me by my parents on August 10th, 2018, played with M& J on August 14, 2018
  55. Save up $1000 in coins and spend it on something indulgent for me
  56. Run a 12 minute mile✔
  57. Invest in a good camera
  58. Learn to grow my brand/business using Instagram
  59. Have my blog reach a million hits
  60. Go on a winery tour/tasting with friends
  61. Buy the perfect little black dress
  62. Go Geocaching with the kids
  63. Save up $1000 in coins and spend it on something indulgent for the family
  64. Take a photo of the same view in all four seasons
  65. Teach the kids how to tie their shoelaces
  66. Celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary with something special
  67. Visit Central America with the kids
  68. Teach the kids how to fish (take them fishing)
  69. Get eyelash extensions for a special event
  70. Get more photos of the kids with their grandparents (Trip to Disney March 2018 some)
  71. Run a 11.5 minute mile

  72. Get more photos of Chris and I with our parents
  73. Learn how to curl my hair with my straightening iron✔ achieved September 14, 2018
  74. Go to a class to learn something new with the kids
  75. Celebrate a friend with a really expensive bottle of sparkling wine
  76. Run a 11 minute mile
  77. See Vampire Weekend in concert  June 5, 2019
  78. Join and play in an co-ed fun sports league
  79. Treat the family to a special meal of cornish game hens
  80. Find the perfect meal of beef wellington
  81. No take out or fast food for a month ✔ Completed on February 28, 2018
  82. Go on an annual date day with each kid one on one
  83. Read Lemony Snicket Series to/with the kids (Book 1 - February 3, 2018, Book 2 - February 23, 2018 Book 3 - March 24, 2018, Book 4 May 10, 2018), 
  84. Go out west to visit Chris's grandmother
  85. Visit Redwood forest
  86. Save $1000 in coins and spend it all on charity
  87. Redo the basement bathroom
  88. Visit The Thousand Islands
  89. Go snowshoeing ✔ Completed January 19, 2019 
  90. Go ice fishing
  91. Take Chris to try Korean BBQ✔ Completed on February 24, 2018
  92. Hike the Elora Gorge Trail✔ Hiked May 26, 2018
  93. Donate and reduce 2 garbage bags of clutter each month for a year ✔  (done more in a big chunk thanks to Marie Kondo
  94. Run a trail race
  95. Treat my family to a themed dinner and a movie (at least one per year)
  96. Get myself professionally measured for a bra
  97. Go on a family vacation with my cousin and her girlfriend
  98. Run a 10 minute mile
  99. Stay overnight at the ice hotel in Quebec
  100. Write 200 blog entries about my life with the kids
  101. Teach the kids to ride their bikes

Anything you'd add?  Did I inspire you to write a list?  Let me know, I'd love to hear it.  


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